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A Branson alderman who voiced his opposition to a policy that allows the city’s mayor to change “abstain” votes to “no” votes, recently spoke out about the difficulty he had in sharing information as to how the mayor was allowed to do so in the first place with a member of the public.

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After Taney County residents voted against an increase to the county’s law enforcement sales tax last year, commissioners are now discussing plans for the tax to return on a future ballot.



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College of the Ozarks Bobcats picked up their twelfth win of the season on Tuesday evening in Point Lookout, as they defeated conference foe Crowley’s Ridge College (Ark.), 82-78.

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Nearly six years after leaving his head coaching position at Branson High School, Steve Hancock is returning to the coaching staff for Pirates football. 

Do you think residents of Forsyth – and other cities – should be allowed to raise chickens?

In recent months, the city of Forsyth has twice rejected calls to allow residents to raise chickens in the city limits. Do you think cities and towns, like Forsyth, should allow the raising of chickens, providing there are adequate restrictions? (Typical restrictions prohibit roosters, and limit hens to no more than six.)

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