The Caring People announced New York Times Best Selling Author Bob Goff will speak at the 5th Annual Honor Our Mothers fundraiser in May.

Goff calls himself a “recovering lawyer.” After practicing law for 25 years, and becoming the Honorable Consul to Uganda, he left his law firm to pursue a full-time writing and speaking career, according to his website.

Shelley Sanders, a volunteer for The Caring People, said Goff marries very well with the message of their organization.

“He’s written two books “Love Does” and “Everyone Always,” and it’s really from his relationship with the Lord and how the Lord loves,” said Sanders. “That’s really what we’re trying to bring, the love of Jesus to these single mothers. I think he marries very well with the message and the organization and the overall mission of teaching love.

“Quite honestly, we can all learn to love bigger and more.”

The annual Honor Our Mothers event is the largest fundraising event of the year for The Caring People. Luanne Dietrich, CEO of the Caring People, said they hope to raise $250,000 through this year’s event, titled “A Love Big Celebration: An Evening with Bob Goff.” 

“We do this fundraiser to raise funds to fuel this ministry for single moms. We also do this event to reach a large number of people, to share the message of this ministry, said Dietrich. “We always do this event around Mother’s Day, and that is fitting because we serve single moms. So this is our chance to not only honor the story of a single mom, the life of a single mom. It’s an opportunity for the public to honor their own single mom.”

Registration for this fundraiser is now open to those interested in becoming event sponsors. Sponsorships range from $750 to $15,000, and some feature a variety of extras, including a VIP dinner and photo opportunities with Goff. All remaining event tickets will go on sale in April for individuals and families. 

“I believe that this is the event that people do not want to miss,” said Dietrich. “Bob Goff’s … all about laugh and he’s all about love. It will be an incredible event. Bob Goff, if you Google him, he’s just happy. I can see how he teaches. I can see why his book is “Love Does,” because he’s just happy.” 

The Caring People has a devout mission to serve single moms. They do so by partnering with area churches to offer care groups where single mothers can visit and enjoy a free meal with other single mother’s who have faced or are facing the same challenges. 

“We currently serve single moms in 45 of these groups … in five states,” Sanders said. “Our goal is to double the number of care groups that we currently have in 2019.”

The fundraiser is being held at the Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson on May 7. Senior Pastor Ted Cunningham will serve as Emcee for the event. 

“I encourage people, businesses to bring their leadership team and also parents to bring their family to this event,” said Dietrich.

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