A 74-year-old man was found dead Saturday, and a woman is in custody at the Stone County Jail awaiting formal charges for that and a house fire.

According to a press release from the Stone County Sheriff’s Office, Walter Scott was found deceased in his home on Core Wood Lane.

Earlier on Saturday, at 4:23 p.m., deputies had responded to the home on Highway OO in reference to an ex parte violation. En route, they were advised that the female suspect had set the house on fire.

The woman, who the sheriff’s office has not named, was taken in to custody and, according to the press release, she “made a spontaneous admittance that she had killed someone.”

Deputies followed up on that statement, and that’s when they discovered Scott dead in his home.

As of Sunday morning, the woman was being held on a 24-hour hold for arson with formal charges having been submitted to the county prosecutor.

The full press release from the Stone County Sheriff's Office:

"On 11-16-19 at approximately 4:23 pm Stone County Deputies were dispatched to OO Highway in reference to an exparte violation. As Deputies were enroute, they were advised that the female suspect had set the victims house on fire. As Stone County Deputies arrived on scene they took the female suspect into custody.

"She was transported to the Stone County jail. Upon arriving at the jail, the female suspect made a spontaneous admittance that she had killed someone.

"Stone County Deputies followed up and discovered a 74 year old man deceased in his home on Core Wood Lane in Stone County. He is identified as Walter Scott. Stone County Detectives worked the homicide scene. An autopsy has been scheduled for next week by the Stone County Coroner.

"The 30 year old female suspect is being held at the Stone County jail on a 24 hold for Arson. Formal charges have been submitted to the Prosecuting Attorney.

"This investigation is continuing and if you have information related to this homicide investigation, please contact the Stone County Sheriffs Office."

Sheriff Doug Rader

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