Months of construction will soon be coming to a close as District 9 Paintball in Branson prepares to open its field in the coming weeks.

Located in the parking lot behind Branson’s Majestic Theatre, District 9 Paintball features a 42,000-square-foot field that offers a one-of-a-kind tactical challenge to its players. 

The attraction will additionally serve as a one-stop shop for players to purchase paintball gear and have repairs made to their equipment.

In Oct. 2018, the owners of District 9 Paintball, Tammie Jager and Justin Perkuhn went before the Branson Planning Commission for approval of a special use permit to operate the outdoor paintball facility on the property. While they did receive approval, the facility has had to meet a handful of conditions, including enclosing the entire field of play with overhead netting.

Fast forward to nine months later and the netting and the completion of “The Hangout’ food truck is all that remains before District 9 Paintball can open its doors. Once they are open, Perkuhn said, they will have a number of paintball round categories and special events players can participate in.

“We’re going to have Team Death Match, Free For All, VIP, Domination and Capture the Flag,” said Perkuhn. “We are also going to be doing date night tournaments for couples, gender reveal parties, birthday parties, groups and team building.”

As District 9 will be open from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. each day, Perkuhn said they have some big plans for playing paintball at night, including having the players wear night vision goggles, and introducing black lights, fog machines and smoke bombs to the field. 

Whether you are an experienced player or have never once set foot on a paintball field, Jager said they’ll have everything players will need available on site. 

“They don’t need to bring anything with them. We have everything. The masks, guns and hoppers. We have the protectors, the gloves, the everything,” said Jager. “And of course, the paintballs. We don’t allow people to bring their own paintballs in, just for safety reasons.” 

Experienced paintballers are, of course, welcome to bring in their own gear or equipment if they have it. Perkuhn explained that District 9 will also be a lot different than most paintball facilities in how they operate.

“About 90 percent of all fields only have a couple open play days a week, and the rest of them are all reserved for tournaments and parties,” he said. “We are an open play day, every day. Unless we have a reservation.”

Since construction began on the facility, both Jager and Perkuhn said they’ve faced a continuing stream of challenges. The main, of which, has been that Perkuhn, along with Jager’s husband Clint, have being performing all the construction themselves, and by hand.

“This parking lot doesn’t just slope in one or two ways, it slopes in 360 ways. While we were doing the framing, every few feet totally changed the angle of the wood,” said Perkuhn, “On that slope, you’ll get going with building the wall, and it will be working out great. Then all the sudden you’ll hit a brick wall with a problem, and it changes the entire design of the whole build.”

Entry fees to play include a field fee of $20 for all players, which includes all day access to the field. Those needing to rent equipment can chose between a $15 basic package or the $45 extreme package, which is an additional cost on top of the $20 field fee. 

The basic package includes a mask, a gun, a hopper (a loader) and 100 paintballs. The extreme package includes everything in the basic package, but also comes with back, chest and neck protectors, gloves, a harness, four pods and 100 more paintballs. 

Groups of 11 or more will receive $5 off per person regardless if they chose the basic or extreme packages. Players will need to be at least 14 to sign their own wavier to play. Anyone under 14 will need to be accompanied by a parent to sign a wavier. 

As District 9 plans to be open year round, Jager said she feels like this is something Branson doesn’t have but can really use.

“I think we’ll get some tourists, but I think we’re going to get a lot of local people. That’s who we’re gearing towards,” said Jager. “There’s not a lot to do here in the off-season, and we want things for people to do here in the middle of winter or in the spring, not always during the summer months. We want them to have things to do. So we’re really gearing towards local people.” 

As time goes on, District 9 will begin offering an assortment of gift certificates, punchcards, and VIP cards for avid and returning players. 

An official opening date has not been set, but both Jager and Perkuhn said they hope to have everything completed and ready to open within the next seven to 14 days.

For information, visit District 9 Paintball on Facebook or call them at 417-336-1626.

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