Hollister voters will be presented with a new ballot question when they head to the polls for the April Municipal Election.

Earlier this month, the Hollister Board of Aldermen unanimously passed its first bill of the year, an ordinance to impose a local use tax at the same rate as the total local sales tax rate, currently 2 percent, for general revenue purposes for the privilege of storing, using or consuming within the city of Hollister.

City Administrator Rick Ziegenfuss said this ballot initiative, if passed, would give the city the ability to receive a use tax from out-of-state vendor sales purchased by Hollister city residents.

“If, for example, you do catalog sales, internet sales, a direct solicitation by phone or fax, and they have a business located in the state of Missouri, you already pay the regular sales tax. But if you just buy online, for example, or from one of those other sources, and they don’t have a brick and mortar location, a storage facility or a series of other qualifying presences in the state, you do pay a use tax, but the local jurisdiction doesn’t capture its share,” said Ziegenfuss. “The state has had a use tax since 1959.

“One hundred and fifty other cities in the state have already passed this, but because of Missouri law it requires each taxing jurisdiction to pass the use tax. So we felt it was important to go ahead and place that on the April ballot.”

According to Ziegenfuss, without a use tax in place, Hollister has been unable to collect on hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Over the past five years we have lost, according to the Missouri Department of Revenue, we have failed to capture $317,593.84 in use tax for purchases that came to our community,” said Ziegenfuss. “So we feel like that money could be well spent for public safety, transportation needs, parks and recreation and the other things that people believe that they would like to see their city work on.

“Right now we believe about $66,000 a year would be additional to come into the city for this and for those purposes.”

Before residents head to the polls in April, Ziegenfuss said its important for Hollister resident’s to understand that the use tax is not a new tax, and most out-of-state vendor’s are already collecting it.

“When you go to your cart online, to check out, it’s already there,” said Ziegenfuss. “So when you get to the check out line at a brick and mortar store and you check out, the sales tax is there. In the future when you check out … online or if you receive catalog sales or whatever, that (use tax) will be collected on those sales and remitted. It’s very simple and … it’s going to the state of Missouri and then those that are authorized to receive it, do.”

Springfield, Aurora, Willard, Nixa and West Plains are just a few of the other surrounding cities who have already passed their own use tax. Hollister residents should also know, according to Ziegenfuss, that the use tax will always reflect whatever the city’s current sales tax rate is. 

“It matches your sales tax. So whatever sales tax does, this is a comparable amount. So that is a statutorily correct way of saying whatever your sales tax is, is the same amount your use tax is,” Ziegenfuss said. “If one of those were to change, whatever it changed, if it went up or down that would influence the use tax at the same time.”

This ballot initiative can be passed by a simple majority. Meaning only 50 percent of the voters, plus one, need to vote in favor of this use tax for it to pass.

“The one thing that I am pleased about this ballot language is that yes means yes and no means no,” said Ziegenfuss. “If you vote yes, the tax will be implemented, and if you vote no, the tax will not.”

As the city is unable to advocate for this use tax one way or the other, officials will be working with local organizations to help get the information out so residents can make an informed decision. 

The city will also have informational brochures and material available to residents with additional questions.

A use tax was proposed by Branson, but voters rejected the measure during the August 2018 election. 

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Sounds ok as explained.....but let's be clear. The comment stated was "as the tax rate goes up or DOWN the amount can be adjusted". I'm thinking DOWN is probably not the direction of most taxes and the lure of getting more money by adjusting up would be too great of a temptation. However, as I understand, the tax is already being collected by out of area vendors and Missouri has a process to redirect them to local government entities. No mention if they would be used to offset or reduce local taxes.


Because we're not taxed enough already.[censored]

So Sick Of This Nonsense

First up, the next time you purchase something online, check your statement, you are already paying this tax! And Corkey, Corkey, Corkey, bless your heart, why wouldn’t you want taxes you already pay be collected and used locally? Also, do you even live in Hollister?


Oh, SSOTN, I think this is Great. I do not live in Hollister but have been around govt budgetary processes for so long that I will promise this is a prelude to attractions coming to other areas. Let me be clear for you.....I do not oppose this! We just need to remember that it is the track of ALL govt to obtain more money for ??? and I would NOT be surprised to hear from any of them about raising taxes and not lowering taxes. You have a Blessed Day.

So Sick Of This Nonsense

Corkey, Corkey, first up, I KNOW you don't live in Hollister so frankly you don't have a dog in this hunt. Second, if you think this is a good idea, just say so and quit worrying about what "might" happen - that is for the future officials and citizens of Hollister to decide. Just rest well at night knowing the next time you buy crayons in Hollister, it won't cost you one red cent more.

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