A new attraction could be headed to Branson’s main strip this summer.

Members of Branson’s Planning Commission approved an amendment to a site plan Tuesday. According to a staff report from the city of Branson, the plan calls for the addition of an entertainment structure at 2115 W 76 Country Boulevard, the site of the Branson Coaster.

The staff report details the plan for a “large spinning swing” in the southwest corner of the property.

“It’s a more appealing and complementary ride to go with the coaster,” Charlie Engram, design consultant, said. “It’s a ride that’s a swing ride, which travels 120-plus feet.”

The Branson Planning Commission initially gave its approval to a proposed entertainment structure on the property during a 2017 meeting. At the time, the structure was going to be known as “The Slingshot” and stand 200 feet high.

The amended plan approved by the commission calls for a smaller structure, 123 feet, with a slightly smaller footprint than the previous plan at 60 feet in diameter.

According to a staff report from the city, the planning commission can approve a site plan containing an entertainment structure from 100 to 200 feet in height as long as it is 50 percent transparent. 

According to the report, other entertainment structures around the city that have received approval to stand above 100 feet include Bigfoot Tower, 200 feet; Branson Ferris Wheel, 148 feet; Ejection Seat, 135 feet; and the recently approved Skyscraper, 160 feet.

According to Engram, the new proposed structure fits better with the coaster and can seat more passengers at a time.

“It’s a real complement to the coaster,” Engram said. “It’s a much better fit because the number of people that can ride it at a time.” 

Engram said the goal is to have the structure opened by early summer of 2019.

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