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Many people know of the adventures of the Elf on the Shelf, but there’s a special elf walking the halls of Cox Medical Center Branson who is a little more on the “extreme” side of elfin adventure.

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Can you believe it! We’re only three weeks away from Christmas and there are still so many Christmas Trees I’ve not had the chance to showcase yet. Welcome back to another edition of Tim’s Christmas Tree Corner. This week I want to feature a tree at one of my favorite places in Branson, The …

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In case you missed our High School winter sports preview insert in our Wednesday November 24 edition, here is a recap of the upcoming season.

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One of the problems with moving to a new area is your “go to” places for food at your old home base are gone, and it can take years to find a place which is in the same ballpark. You know those things: the food items which provide comfort, or help you get off to a good mental start, and if y…

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There is a real challenge when you start talking about any kind of gun related issue; people get entrenched in their views on the Second Amendment and allow it to color anything else which might be remotely related to guns. They’ll seek to see actions taken which may not be connected anywher…

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