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From the front doors to the theatre seating and beyond, Coon Ridge Auction Company’s Diane Clevenger will be auctioning off everything at the Jim Stafford and Caravelle theatres, and the Gateway Inn of the Ozarks in Branson in a pre-demolition auction on Monday, Oct. 25.

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Why do nice guys finish last? The answer is pretty simple. The nice guys are last, because chances are they were too busy holding the door open for everyone else who finished before them. That’s probably an oversimplification of a metaphor, but honestly I don’t think it’s too far from the truth. 

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There are not a lot of good things I can say about Facebook, but it does allow you to keep in touch with family members who are far away, reconnect with people you may have genuinely lost touch with that matter to you, and it brings back reminders of times past that may have more meaning thr…

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