Rattlesnake Eddie

“Rattlesnake” Eddie Wood and his Crooked Sky Trading post are hosting a grand opening party at their new location in the Vista Plaza Center, across from Walmart and Taco Bell on “the Strip.”

After spending several years calling the Branson Mill home, “Rattlesnake” Eddie Wood and his Crooked Sky Trading post are hosting a grand opening for the new location at the Vista Plaza Center, located across the street from Walmart on Hwy 76.

“We did a soft opening Thursday and Friday, but Saturday is our big grand opening,” Wood said. “We’re going to have some live music and food, and we just want everyone to come out and join us.”

Earlier this year, Wood, along with his wife Debbie, who own and operate Crooked Sky together, announced they were relocating due to the closing of the Branson Mill April 30.

“Any time you can get up on 76 Highway, the main drag here, you’re going to get a lot more business,” he said. “You know, we did well out at the Branson Mill, and they were very good to us, but it was kind of off the beaten path, so when they told us they were closing, we knew we needed to concentrate on an area to get more cash-and-carry. 

“I get all the custom orders I want, but it’s that cash-and-carry business we were lacking, but we expect to get that now.”

“Rattlesnake Eddie,” as he is known, began his background of leather work in the 1970s, during his days of both riding, as well as fighting, bulls professionally at rodeos all over the country.

The Crooked Sky Trading Post specializes in selling Native American products, vintage turquoise jewelry, various kinds of leather products, including hand beaded leather belts, leather holsters, billfolds, knives and knife sheaths, beaded bags, moccasins and more.

Even though Wood sees the new location as a good thing for business, there were several trade offs to get a centrally-located space.

“Here, we’re a thousand square-feet smaller, but we are still able to carry pretty much everything we had out there,” he said. “We just don’t have the large stuffed animals, and we’re not near as spread out.”

As far as Saturday’s grand opening goes, things will get rolling at 11 a.m. with music by Branson’s own Rick McEwen, as well as Terry Sutherland, who is in from West Plains. Folks can also get some free hot dogs, desserts, refreshments and even some in store and cash prize drawings every 15 minutes. 

The grand opening events will wrap at 1 p.m.

For more information on “Rattlesnake Eddie” and all things Crooked Sky Trading Post, visit /crookedskytradingpost.com.

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