BrightStar Care

Husband and wife BrightStar Care Co-Founders, Shelly Sun and J.D. Sun, middle, and Sean and Renita Trumbo, of BrightStar Care in Springfield-Branson.

BrightStar Care of Springfield-Branson is now operating in the Branson area with plans of opening an office in Branson by the end of the year.

Ozarks entrepreneurs Sean and Renita Trumbo are fulfilling their dream of making a difference in the lives of residents in Springfield-Branson by opening a home care franchise agency, according to a press release.

“The passion we have for fulfilling the need of quality in-home care has enabled us to expand into regions we never dreamed of reaching,” said Sean Trumbo, owner of BrightStar Care of Springfield-Branson. “Our clients come to us in a state of crisis. Being able to be the solution for them is the most gratifying feeling in the world.”

Sean Trumbo said Renita Trumbo is no longer part of the business.

“She was part of it starting out,” he said. “She ran the office while I was out in the field selling. That went on for our first 24 months and we got to a place where we could hire some more people and she stepped back to do what she was doing before we started the business.”

Sean Trumbo said it has always been a goal of his to help others.

“My father suffered from emphysema and we had a lot of trouble getting private care to come in and assist and I knew there was a need,” he said. “It’s just been in my nature to want to help people and help care for people, especially seniors. My grandmother and grandfather played a huge role in my upbringing, I got a lot of joy out of helping them.”

The business provides a range of compassionate, in-home, person-centered medical and non-medical care to people of all ages, from infants to seniors in the safety and comfort of their homes, the release states.

“We can do anything from companion care, a lot of our clients live alone and maybe their adult child lives out of the area,” he said. “We can spend time with the client doing anything from playing games to playing movies to going to the grocery store. That’s the most basic.

We can also help assist with bathing, grooming, meal preparation, transportation. RNs can come in and help with medication, blood pressure checks, more in-depth needs we can fulfill some clients one hour a day some 24/7. We can tailor make a care plan for each individual need.”

To succeed in the health care industry, Sean Trumbo said compassion is key.

“You have to care about people,” he said. “If you have that, everything else will follow. A lot of your clients are at a difficult stage in their life, they may not want help although they need it.”

Sean Trumbo said BrightStar Care of Springfield-Branson began operating during summer 2014.

“We have two offices in northwest Arkansas, and one office Springfield,” he said. “We have no physical office in Branson, but we hope to open an office here by end of the year.”

BrightStar Care of Springfield-Branson covers all of the Tri-Lakes Area.

“We’re able to operate just about anywhere,” he said. “If someone needs assistance outside our physical territory, we certainly can still help.”

Trumbo said it is important to note the business is not a Medicare agency.

“We are a private pay agency and a Medicaid agency,” he said. “We also accept long-term care insurance policies. If you have any questions feel free to call us. We can also point someone in the direction of Medicare agencies.”

BrightStar Care of Springfield-Branson can be reached by phone 24/7 at 417-823-4888 in order to assist family members with needs or questions.

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