Log Cabin Furniture

    Log Cabin Furniture in Harrison, Arkansas, offers everything from gel mattresses to home decor.

Staff Reports

    Log Cabin Furniture in Harrison, Arkansas, known for its outdoors and rustic designs, is featuring its fair share of technology these days.

    One of the store’s newest items is the ICool Aqua Breeze E-gel mattress.

    It might be a mouthful, but the store’s owner says customers are loving it.

    “One of the main criticisms on memory foam mattresses is that people get overheated sleeping on them,” owner Richard Carver said.

    “With the E-gel, you can sleep cooler. It disperses the heat and moisture.”

    But just because they’re taking advantage of some new technology doesn’t mean the old favorites aren’t still around.

    Carver said he has a new assortment of antler chandeliers in stock, which fit well with the lodge, cabin or Western themes the store makes popular.

    He said he also has a new assortment of bedroom suites, with styles including solid oak and the new, native red cedar.

    In addition to indoor furniture with an outdoor feel, they have plenty of outdoor furniture, which Carver said gets popular when the weather warms up.

    Porch swings, gliders and porch rockers are good items to have, especially for relaxing this spring and summer.

    There are also several styles of barbecue grills available at the Harrison store.

  The showroom features a variety of furniture for all of your other needs — from dining room and living room items to children’s bunk beds or office furniture.

    The clearance and overflow center next door has plenty more merchandise for customers looking for bargains or deals, but bargains should be available throughout the store.

    “Quality always exceeds price,” Carver said.  

    He said financing is available, with deferred interest for six to 12 months.

    “You can just make payments with no interest,” he said.

    He said they accept all major credit cards and have a delivery service.

    Log Cabin Furniture, owned by Richard and Diana Carver, opened in 1992 and has been at its current location since 2005.

    The store is located at 201 N. Olive St. in Harrison, Arkansas.

    Call 870-741-8944 or visit logcabinfurniture.net for more information, and be sure to “like” Log Cabin Furniture on Facebook.

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