Oxi Fresh owner and operator Tim Wenkel is proud to bring the services of his revolutionary carpet cleaning company to the Branson/Tri-Lakes Area.

    He said the benefits include:

• Fast, one-hour dry time

• Soft drying with no crunchy residue

• Safe for children and pets

• Expert pet odor and stain removal

• Commitment to being green

    “Traditional carpet-cleaning systems use steam to ‘push’ things down into the carpet and padding,” Wenkel said. “I use the ‘pull’ system.”

    The “pull” system allows dirt and debris to be removed from carpet fibers utilizing two counter-rotating brushes designed to reach deep into the carpet pile and capture the microscopic sodium crystals found in Oxi Fresh’s Oxi Cleaning Solution — a combination of the oxygenated booster and the Environmental Protection Agency Design for the Environment certified encapsulator.

    The debris is then lifted up and “pulled” out of the carpet.

    Additionally, these solutions clean without a lot of water, so carpets dry quickly.

    Wenkel said about 90 percent of the people he speaks with regarding traditional carpet-cleaning methods complain about the amount of water that remains in the carpet and padding after the technician has left.

    The truly beautiful thing at this point is that the entire Oxi Fresh process of professionally cleaning your carpets uses less than two gallons of water for most homes, which is only 5 percent of the water used by typical steam-cleaners. The process also includes only natural cleaning products — biodegradable and organic.

    Oxi Fresh also offers upholstery, tile, grout and sandless wood floor cleaning for a complete clean.

    “We try to give same-day service, if needed,” Wenkel said.

    While the extended office hours are from 6 a.m. to 10  p.m., Wenkel said scheduling is entirely flexible and pricing is competitive, as is evidenced by the coupons found in the ad on this page.

    “We are getting into commercial jobs, too,” he said.

    Commercial pricing and scheduling is also extremely accommodating. Wenkel quoted 15 cents per square foot and said most commercial work is done after hours or weekends.

    Wenkel further stated there have been “no re-dos since I’ve taken over,” a claim of which he is quite proud as an owner-operator.

    This is further evidenced by testimonials from the OxiFresh.com website.    

    Call Tim Wenkel at 417-869-0400 or visit oxifresh.com today to schedule your green, fast-drying, low-water cleaning experience!

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