Exterior Pro Wash

Exterior Pro Wash

Ever wonder what is causing those dark streaks and stains on your roof? The ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association) says it is an algae feeding on the limestone used to weigh shingling down. The algae spread through airborne spores and the infestation usually begins in shaded areas or on the north or west side of a roof. Left untreated, the algae will spread over your entire roof and gradually eat through shingling, forcing you to replace your roof prematurely. Not only is it ugly, it can increase cooling costs, decrease your property value and may even cause issues with your homeowner’s insurance.

No-Pressure Roof Cleaning is just one of the professional services Exterior Pro Wash, a local family-owned company offers. Their commitment to customer service and quality workmanship and their ability to effectively clean surfaces others can’t, like stucco or dryvit, has won them numerous awards for residential power washing and has earned them the reputation being the “Award Winning Guaranteed Safe Experts.”

While they also work on cleaning commercial properties, such as their recent cleaning restoration of the old stone building for the First Presbyterian church of Branson, they are best known for their “complete home makeover.”

Audra Miller, the owner’s wife says, “Our favorite type of project is one where we ‘restore’ a house back to a ‘new home look and feel’ by professionally cleaning it from top to bottom. With our industrial equipment and high quality bio-degradable detergents we can completely and safely change the look of a property. Homeowners are often surprised by how much brighter their house appears after dirt, mold, algae and lichen is cleaned from their siding, gutters and even driveway and sidewalks. It doesn’t just give them a more beautiful home, it’s also a healthier and safer environment; especially for those suffering with mold or allergy issues.

Exterior Pro Wash offers free estimates and package discounts. Spring is right around the corner and some days - already in the air. If you’re interested in increasing your curb appeal or property value this year, make sure you give Audra a call at 417-230-6965. She can also be reached at www.ExteriorProWash.com or 417PowerWashing.com.

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