Buyer beware! 

    Not all solar energy systems or solar installers are created equal. Please be careful who you deal with. We’ve heard several horror stories lately and we wanted to take the time to warn our friends and neighbors.

    Just as it is in any industry, there are solar companies who are not really interested in doing what is best for you, the customer. They are only out to sell the biggest system they can and they can be ruthless at doing it. Just as we’ve seen repair companies come into the area after the tornado a few years ago or even after the recent flooding, the electric company rebates have brought solar companies in from all over… but as those rebates were reduced, so were the company representatives in the area.

    Goff HVAC & Solar Energy is a locally owned company. We have been in the area for over 65 years. We see our customers every place from the grocery store to football games. We are passionate about doing what is best for our customers and we want our customers to feel good about the services we have provided them.

    Here are just a few things that we think are important when considering a solar company…  or any contractor.

    • Always ask for proof of liability insurance, licensing and certifications before allowing any contractor to do work on your property.

    • Beware of fast talking sales people or high pressure tactics. If a company is really interested in doing what is best for you, they will be willing to visit with you again tomorrow or even next week, to give you time to process the information you have received.

    • Don’t ignore other energy efficiency solutions when considering solar. A solar energy system will have little effect on reducing your overall energy costs, if you are not willing to make other changes. Inefficient lighting or appliances can easily “eat up” all that energy you are producing. Your heating and cooling system alone uses up to 60 percent of your overall energy consumption. There are some simple things to be done to ensure its efficiency and life span.

    • Don’t be fooled by companies promoting inverter size. Some companies will try to make their system appear more powerful by promoting the inverter size. A system with a 4kW-rated solar inverter, but with only 1.5kW of solar panels is a 1.5kW system. The larger inverter will not boost the amount of electricity generated compared to a smaller, suitably sized inverter.

    • Considering an “upgradable system” may be important. If you decide to add to your solar energy system later, it may be difficult to mix and match panels. Some systems also require replacing the inverter and all of the wiring in order to upgrade. Others offer upgradable systems.

    • Compare everything! Ask for specific information on the solar panel output, the inverters and even the hardware. Ask about the manufacturer and the warranties.

    • Ask about any extra costs upfront. Fine-print extras can add thousands onto the final cost of a solar power system; so be very sure to read over quotes and contracts carefully before committing to purchase.

    If you are interested in more information on solar energy systems or home efficiency, please, let us help.

    Call Goff HVAC & Solar Energy at 800-417-GOFF.

    You’re Better Off With Goff!

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