The Hollister School Board has honored several students with its student of the month awards for October and November.


    The High School Student of the Month for October was  Brandalyn Houck.

    “Overall, it can be said that Brandalyn represents what it is to be a tiger,” according to a press release. “She is an excellent and conscientious student and is always willing to help other students who are struggling. She treats others with kindness and respect and is helpful not only to other students but to her teachers as well.”

    She is a three-year member of National Honor Society, serving her second year as NHS President.

    She is on the yearbook staff this year and has been the team manager for the volleyball team for multiple years.

    “As a member of the Advanced Physics class, she is also a key player during Math & Science Day at Silver Dollar City,” a press release stated. “Brandalyn’s teachers describe her as a hard worker, a good example for other students, and a great role model.”

    Hollister Middle School nominated Jullian Narvaez for the October 2014 Board of Education Student of the Month.

    Narvaez demonstrates respect every day in class by listening to her teacher and classmates as they give directions or read aloud their writing to the class, the press release stated.

    “She is always on time to class and is always respectful with the materials in her classroom,” it stated. “She is always kind and always helpful towards anyone she is around.”

    Hollister Elementary nominated Olivia Williams for October Student of the Month.

    “Olivia continues to show good character in the classroom daily,” a press release stated. “Not only does she do what she’s asked the first time, but she does it quickly and without complaining. She is also very quick to help other students in the classroom, who need assistance with projects and activities.”

    According to teacher Nick Fried, “When I received a new student during this past week, I knew I could count on Olivia to explain procedures, expectations and help the new student get ‘up to speed’ with any activities we were in the middle of.

    “Every day, Olivia greets me at the door and is very courteous and respectful, I’m proud to nominate her for Student of the Month.”

    Kindergartner Britzia Palacious-Luevano, from Jane Hasler’s class was student of the month for October.

    “Her teacher states that Britizia is a Top Tiger because she displays leadership qualities in and out of the classroom,” according to a press release. “She always tries to do her best in all things, while setting good examples for others to learn from. 

    Britzia also encourages others to be leaders in the classroom through thoughtful words and actions.

    Hasler is proud to say that Britzia is a Top Tiger who works hard to follow the Tiger Code each and every day of being kind, being safe and being a learner.

    The teacher of the Month for October was Tracy Gross. . Gross teaches 7th grade Math for Hollister Middle School.

    “Tracy’s favorite things at this time are her grandbabies,” a press release stated.


    The Hollister Early Childhood Center nominated Addison Wilson as student of the month. She is a 1st Grader in Amy Kilgore’s room.

    “Her teacher stated that every morning when she arrives to pick up students, there is one student who has a smile on her face from the moment I see her, and that is Addison,” a press release stated. “Addison enters the classroom ready to be a learner. Her teacher states that she has a positive, upbeat attitude that is contagious and a love for learning that inspires other students.

    “Addison is always ready to assist students and teachers alike. She sees what needs to be done, and readily jumps in without being asked.”

    Hollister Elementary proudly nominated Braylen Morgan for November Student of the Month.

    Teacher Melissa Calhoun stated, “Braylen is always helping others in class.  She is very selfless and wants to make sure others succeed. She is a very hard worker and always gives her best.

    “Braylen gets along well with everyone in class and is always willing to help me whenever needed.  She is very respectful to herself and others.  It is a pleasure having Braylen in my class.

    Hollister Middle School proudly nominates Colby Teaster for the November 2014 Board of Education Student of the Month.

    “When the sixth grade teachers put their heads together and asked the question ‘Which one of our students most symbolizes our character word of the month, citizenship?’ the press release staed. “A unanimous cry was heard — Colby Teaster.

    The Hollister Middle School faculty , according to a press release, describes Colby as well-mannered, hard-working, dedicated, and extremely prepared for every day and every occasion.

    “He not only comes to class ready to do his best, but he encourages his classmates to do the same,” according to a press release. “He is soft-spoken, but his caring attitude towards others speaks volumes. Teaster shows us what citizenship looks like: he takes care of himself, his work, and cares for others around him.”

    High School Junior Re’al Sutton was voted as the November All-Star Student of the Month.  Re’al is a second-year National Honor Society member.

    “He is very academically responsible,” a press release stated. “He strives to meet high standards in all that he accomplishes. One of Re’al’s teachers says that, ‘Re'al is quick to take on extra responsibility in class. After he finishes his work, he walks around the room and helps others.

    “He even comes to classes later in the day and helps.’

    Re’al serves as an A+ tutor. Teachers describe him as mature and responsible, very involved with the students he tutors.”

    Re’al runs track and has played football for two years. 

    His teammates said that he’s a hard worker and stands strong for what he believes in. 

    The teacher of the month for November is Tigers baseball coach John Burgi.

    “He begins his day by making sure the coffee is hot and ready to go in the teachers’ lounge at the high school,” according to a press release.  “Daily guided by a ‘can-do’ attitude, Burgi strives to connect with students and engage them not only in the learning process but in conversations that leave them knowing that he values and cares for them as individuals.

    According to a press release, “Coach Burgi’s peers state that, ‘John tries his best to reach all students.  He also makes any instructional accommodations necessary to help students be successful. He can be seen supervising school activities as well as just attending them to support the students of HHS.’ He can be found in the office early in the morning and sometimes on the weekend making sure that he has his lesson materials in place and ready to go for the students.

    In the classroom Coach Burgi connects history to the present day, helping students understand its relevance.      On the field Coach is encouraging and supporting the baseball team to pursue excellence and value commitment.”

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