OTC twins

Katie and Jamie Cook are twins from Branson who are continuing their education at the Ozarks Technical Community College Table Rock Campus.

    Katie and Jamie Cook might be identical 19-year-old twins attending OTC Table Rock, but their differences far outnumber their similarities.

    “We’re supposed to be the same, but we are different,” said Katie, who is the older sister by two minutes.

    Katie is studying hospitality management and Jamie is an EMT major and who wants to go into “anything medical.”

    Katie wears glasses and has brown hair. Jamie doesn’t have glasses and has blonde hair. Katie lives at home. Jamie is out on her own.

    Still, when the sisters registered for their first classes at OTC, they each signed up for the same English class, but they didn’t know it until they walked into the classroom on the first day. They laugh about it now.

    “We usually don’t think about the same things, but we have some twins telepathy. We can finish each others’ sentences sometimes,” Jamie said.

    The sisters are following in the footsteps of an older sister who attended the OTC Richwood Valley Campus.

    Katie said she got became interested in hospitality management when she started working at Silver Dollar City. Jamie is the assistant manager at the Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf.

    The sisters work hard now at jobs and at school, but they also worked hard in high school earning Missouri’s A+ scholarship, which provides free community college tuition for high school graduates who were good students, attended class and completed community service.

    “If we didn’t have A+ we wouldn’t be here or maybe even in college,” Jamie said. “It really does help.”

    Both are glad that OTC opened a campus in Hollister. They attend classes two days a week.

    “It’s small. I went up to Springfield once and there are too many buildings. It’s an easy learning environment here,” Jamie said. “The classes are small and we know a lot of people.”

    Besides the classes she attends at OTC Table Rock, Katie is enrolled in some OTC Online courses. Eventually, she’ll have to attend classes in Springfield to complete her hospitality management degree.

    The Table Rock Campus is still new to many potential students having just opened in 2013. The twins have had a good experience and recommend it anyone in Taney and Stone counties.

    “It’s worth it,” Katie said. “The folks here really work around your own schedule when it comes to classes and studies. The teachers really help you and go out of their way to get you what you need and to help you understand the subject. It’s a great place.”

Steve Koehler is Media Relations Coordinator at Ozarks Technical Community College.

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