Medical care seems to be everywhere in the Tri-Lakes Area. Cox Medical Center Branson and Mercy Hospital both have locations in the region, as well as other family health care facilities; however, not everyone is able to receive medical care there.

Jesus Was Homeless, a local nonprofit, hosted its Meet The Doc event Wednesday. The event focuses on providing information and opportunities for service to individuals who lack the funds, transportation and education to seek healthcare for themselves and their families.

Jesus Was Homeless Community Relations Manager Ashley Lauer said this was the largest event so far, based on the number of service providers and patients. Service providers included dental, healthcare, social workers, insurance, Disable American Veterans, Faith Community Health and other local organizations.

“Faith Community Health brought over their pharmacy (technicians) because we’re really trying to help people understand that they can go to Faith if they’re needing help with their medications,” Lauer said.

DAV Department Service Officer Mike James attended the event for the first time.

“I’ve actually had two clients file claims for VA benefits,” James said because of Meet The Doc.

“We’ll put a veteran up for a week at a motel and give them food money while Catholic charities works with the VA,” James said. “It’s going to take seven days for the Catholic charities to move the paperwork with the VA.”

It’s helpful attending events like Meet The Doc because James said it’s difficult getting in touch with people in boots-on-the-ground fashion.

“You can tell by some of their attitudes and walk that they’re (needing help),” James said.

Registered Nurse Linda Zimmer was conducting health screenings on more than two dozen people for her nursing program. She was checking blood pressure, weight and blood glucose.

“To close the gap on ‘Why do I need to change my behavior or why do I need to go see a doctor?’” Zimmer said.

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