From the time Hunter Leichner was a child, he has been immersed in and around the sport of golf. Now, he’s hoping to use golf as a platform to speak about his faith. His father, a minister who traveled and preached, is also who started Leichner on the golf course.

Leichner won the 2015 Golf Week National Amateur Championship and has since gone pro. Although he resides in Kansas, Leichner could practice his game anywhere, but enjoys coming to Branson. Leichner hopes to speak to students about his faith incorporating sports and playing guitar.

“That’s another reason why I love Branson — for the music,” Leichner said.

Working alongside his longtime friend Grant Leabetter, who is with the Philadelphia Phillies, Leichner hopes to start Fields of Faith in May.

“He has a huge platform with football too,” Leichner said.

Leichner hopes that by sharing his faith, he can reach people on a personal level.

“I think Christianity gets a bad rap and I think Christians do it to themselves. Being a Christian is pretty straightforward — love God and love people,” Leichner said. “Loving people should be the main priority.”

Leichner said he knows that nobody, himself include, is perfect.

“That’s not the main goal, to live a perfect life,” Leichner said. “I want to see people live happy, good lives with purpose.

“I have a purpose and I try to treat people right.”

For more updates about Leichner and the Fields of Faith, follow him on Twitter at @LeichnerGolf.

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