Sunday will see the year’s largest “Jammin’ for Jesus” event, a super-sized show called “Jammin’ Into The Night,” and featuring more than three dozen artists and acts, and will span 10 hours, running from 2 p.m. until midnight at the Branson Star Theatre. The event will benefit Christian Action Ministries, CAM.

“Jammin’ for Jesus” organizer Phyllis Rotrock, who started the event in 1997, used to host “Jammin’ Into The Night” in the late ‘90s and early 2000’s. Last year, she decided to resurrect “Jammin’ Into The Night” following the cancellation of the “CAM Gospel Sing-Off,” which always served as their biggest fundraiser.

Not only has “Jammin’” grown into a huge monthly concert, but a successful fundraiser, as well.

“Every month we do it for a different charity,” she said. “It’s a free show, but all we ask is people bring in items to donate that will benefit that specific charity.”

Rotrock has donated to Christian Action Ministries, or CAM, Jesus was Homeless, the Salvation Army, tornado victims in Joplin and the Caring People.

By benefiting a different charity each month, her ministry gets the chance to share the love.

With no other large fundraising events set, “Jammin’ Into The Night” takes on an even greater importance.

“It is so much more important for people to come to ‘Jammin’ into the Night’ because CAM’s largest fundraiser of the year isn’t happening,” she said. “Losing so many of their funds will have an impact on so many people in the community. Maybe they won’t be able to feed as many people in need, which makes what we’re doing that much more important.

“We really need to help them out.”

The musical line up is filled with performers like Beverly Thomas Lee, Eldon Wright, Final Chapter, the Armstrong Singers, David Mays, Freedom, Heaven’s Heart Trio, Naomi Hilsbery, Rodney Morris, Robert Penny, Larry Moore, Stoney Ferguson, Power Junction and many, many more.

The lineup of musicians will be introduced by several special guest hosts, including Allen Asbury, Barbara Fairchild and Roy Morris, Darrell and Nemra Rhoden, Kevin Rowe, Mike Wellman, Jerry and Sharon Mayes, Ron and Opal Erickson, Sheila Meeker McDonald and Joshua Clark.

The fact she has selfless performers like Hubbard and Dooms, entertainers who travel from all over the continent to give their time and talents freely and a community that constantly shows up for support says a lot about Rotrock’s ministry.

“They were all sent to me by God and I give him all the credit,” she said. “There really isn’t a day that goes by where someone doesn’t call wanting to be on ‘Jammin’,’ and that’s awesome because God sets that up.

“He puts it on their hearts to call and I’m lucky to get them because they help the audience leave feeling blessed, and as long as that keeps happening we’ll keep doing it.”

Admission is free with a donation of canned meat, vegetables or fruit, which will be given to CAM. A love offering will also be taken.

“Jammin’ Into The Night” is set to begin at 2 p.m. at the Branson Star Theatre.

“It’s a lot of hard work doing this, and God has sent me some great volunteers,” Rotrock said. “I believe this is not only a great ministry for up-and-coming gospel singers, but for the community, too.”

For more information, a full list of acts, to donate or to simply lend a hand, contact Phyllis Rotrock at 417-336-5622.

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