August Employee of the Month

Wayne Glenn, left, being presented the employee of the month award by alderman Patrick Parnell

    Wayne Glenn, a project manager for the engineering department was awarded a plaque for employee of the month.

    The award was presented by Alderman Patrick Parnell Tuesday evening.

    Glenn was noted for his work including parking lot plans for the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce on Missouri 248.

    “He went beyond the expected and created an innovative design with rain guards that would make this project water-shed friendly,” Parnell said.

    This project is now a showcase for future water quality projects, according to Parnell.

    “His willingness to suggest and create indicates he is not content with just doing things the way they have always been done,” Parnell said.

    Glenn’s work on the diverging diamond interchange was also mentioned, where he implemented a new form of traffic interchange, as stated by Parnell.

    “He is always courteous, makes himself available to downtown business owners, city leaders and general contractors to make the downtown project a success,” Parnell said.

    A random act of kindness by Glenn was stated, where he found a signed check and returned it to the owner.

    “Wayne is an innovator with attention to detail and a commitment to follow through on complicated projects demonstrating city values, sustainability and vision along with firm commitment to integrity and service,” Parnell said.

    Glenn shared his gratitude for winning the award.

    “I appreciate the opportunity to work with a great organization. We have very talented people on our staff and just to be recognized with all these talented people, I truly appreciate it, thank you.”

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