On June 18 members of the Branson Trap Team traveled to Linn Creek to compete in the Scholastic Clay Target Program State Championship shoot.

Over 1,000 athletes participated in the SCTP competitions, and the competition was a qualifier for the national competition later this month at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Ohio.

According to a press release, the Branson Trap Team “performed well and put up solid scores.”

Three of Branson’s shooters, Jacob Penrod, Wyatt King and Trenton King, were called back to the range for a “shoot-off” to settle ties for the top three places in their categories.

Despite the high-pressure shoot-off, Penrod ended up in third place in the HOA division with a score of 198/200 followed by Wyatt King with a 1st place finish in the Varsity division with a score 198/200. In a seperate shoot off in the Junior Varsity division, Trenton King placed 3rd with a score of 193/200, according to a press release.

Branson’s junior varsity squad consisting of Jacob Penrod, Gracie Dixon, Trenton King, Quinton Hinds and Tyler Vickers took first place in their division with a team score of 945/1,000, according to a press release.

In the open division, Branson’s squad took first place with a score of 943/1,000.

This squad led by Raleigh Woods consisted of Hayden Fox, Brandon Pickens, Alyssa King and Quincy Standage.

The following shot scores of 190/200 or better: Jacob Anderson, Colten Calvert, Hayden Fox, Trenton King, Wyatt King, Jacob Penrod, Brandon Pickens, Rae Woods and Raleigh Woods.

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