Sunday Gospel Nights

Kim Boyce Koreiba, center, and the rest of the cast perform the new Christmas show called “It’s All About Jesus,” at the Grace Community Assembly in Branson.

One of Branson’s newest shows, the “Sunday Gospel Nights” Christmas production “It’s All About Jesus!”  is holding a special 3 p.m. show Sunday at Grace Community Assembly. Admission to the show is free.

The show stars a handful of veteran Branson entertainers putting Jesus Christ at the center of the show.

“Our Christmas show is titled, ‘It’s All About Jesus,’ and that’s exactly what it’s about,” said show founder Gary Koreiba, who sang lead for Pierce Arrow for 14 years.  

“We will be singing Christmas songs that focus on the fact that Christmas is about Jesus.”

The songs all range from traditional Christmas carols and gospel songs to new Christmas classics such as “Mary, Did You Know.” The show will also feature comedic songs and antics from several of the “Sunday Gospel Nights” young entertainers.  

“Our sons, Gary II and Alexander, are both in the show with us, so not only are we doing the show that we have dreamed of doing for years, but having our sons in the show with us makes it a very special time for us,” said Kim Boyce Koreiba, a contemporary Christian singer with 11 No. 1 gospel radio hits.  

In addition to the Koreibas, Allen Asbury, an acclaimed contemporary Christian singer, and renowned vocalist Debra Paxton will also showcase their vocal abilities.  

“We are blessed to be singing with great singers and working with musicians who are also dear friends,” Gary Koreiba said. “The unity that comes from having a group of people on stage who genuinely love each other and appreciate each other’s talent is immediately felt by those who attend our shows.  

“Add the fact that we believe in the mission of ‘Sunday Gospel Nights’ to bring encouragement, restoration, and healing through gospel music, and you’ve got a winning combination.”

Showtime for this week’s “Sunday Gospel Nights” Christmas Show, “It’s All About Jesus,” is set for 3 p.m. The show will then continue every Sunday night at 6 p.m. through Dec. 13 at Grace Community Assembly in Branson, 3101 Gretna Rd.

As always, admission to the show is free. For more information, visit

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