After seven years in Branson, Illusionist Rick Thomas announced moments before his Oct. 26 show, that it would be his final performance at the Andy Williams Theatre.

Illusionist Rick Thomas has performed his final show at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center and Theatre in Branson.

On Monday, Oct. 26, Thomas took to social media ahead of his 7:30 p.m. performance to share with his fans that his Mansion of Dreams performance Monday night would be his final show at the Andy Williams Theatre.

“Tonight’s the last night I’m actually performing at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center,” Thomas said during a Facebook Live video. “The challenges that have been faced both at the theatre and of course with the shows has been worldwide. You have New York that may not open till June of next year. Vegas is just partially opening now with what I believe is with 250 seats in 1,000 and 2,000 seat theaters.”

While he didn’t provide an explanation to fans as to why his show will be departing the theatre, Thomas shared his experience performing in 2020.

“What amazed me more than anything this season, this year that in spite of all the troubles and challenges we all faced, the only place worldwide that shows were actually playing this year was Branson, Missouri,” Thomas said. “I have been one of the privileged few, even through we haven’t broken even, one of the privileged few to present a show during this COVID season.”

As an illusionist, Thomas has completed five world tours covering more than 50 countries. Thomas has performed at Caesars Colosseum in Las Vegas, the Sydney Opera House in Australia and even on Broadway in New York.  

Thomas was invited to Branson to headline at the Andy Williams Theatre seven years ago. He shared that the original plan was to perform in Branson for a single season.

“After the first season it went so well I was asked to residence the theatre. Now seven years later it has been an enormous, beautiful, wonderful ride,” Thomas said. “When I moved the show from Las Vegas to Branson it changed our lives. I had my show in Vegas for 20 years and I really thought that was the place for me and continues to be something very special in my heart. Little did I know that when I moved the show to Branson, that we would fall in love with the area, the people and of course this theatre.”

During his video announcement, Thomas also addressed what was next for himself and his Mansion of Dreams show.

“People are asking, ‘Where are you going? What are you doing?’  People are saying, ‘Are you going back to Las Vegas? Is there something else going on in Branson?’ You know what? Anticipation is what it’s all about,” Thomas said. “I’m not going to tell you tonight, because tonight’s all about my final night here at the Andy Williams Theatre. Soon and shortly I will share with all of you what’s about to go on with the show.”

Those who would still like the opportunity to watch Thomas and his Mansion of Dreams show, Thomas shared that on Oct. 30 and 31, he is doing something extremely special. 

“Last season on seven cameras we captured Mansion of Dreams up close and personal,” Thomas said. “This is a massive deal. You’re about to see for the first time anywhere, Mansion of Dreams the stream … We’ve been working months to try and create something, unique and different, special and professional on the web that you and your family can enjoy actually on your television and we’ve done so.”

The virtual show, which is not a Zoom event, begins at 8 p.m. Thomas will also be on hand during the stream to answer questions and to perform some magic live. The streaming event is available to people all over the world at streamthedreams.com.

“I’ll let you know what’s going on real soon,” said Thomas. “Blessings to all of you during these challenging times. What a blessing it’s been for me to enjoy this theatre with my family and my friends, my staff and my crew. I couldn’t of done it without amazing dancers and wonderful staff and crew that made Mansion of Dreams a reality.” 

Visit rickthomas.com.

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