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Mansion Studios will be just one division of the Mansion Entertainment Group, which is a part of The Mansion Theatre For The Performing Arts in Branson.

Production and development are already underway on several entertainment projects from The Mansion Theatre For The Performing Arts and the Mansion Entertainment Group. 

Earlier this month, The Mansion unveiled their plans for a major expansion in the realms of film, television, animation and music. With teams in both Missouri and Europe, Mansion Animation is already in production on a new animated short film, according to Mansion Entertainment Group CEO Larry Wilhite.

“Mansion Animation is designed to reach deeply into the current animation market. We’re talking about THE market. Pixar, Sony and the whole deal,” Wilhite said. “We are producing an animated short that will enter the world festival circuit in late summer, the fall and early winter of next year around the world. Hundreds of festivals. That particular piece is going to be a welcome for Mansion Animation to the industry.”

Mansion Animation is also in pre-development on a full-length animated musical motion picture. 

Wilhite added Mansion Film and Television is currently in pre-production for a major world-class musical concert experience, which will be shot in June of this year.  

“It’s a major special. Full symphony orchestra and guests representing every genre of music you can imagine. The picture is huge, but the best part about it is, nothing is speculative. Everything is happening as we speak. There is no coming soon,” Wilhite said. “At this point we’re not allowed to share any of the star power that we’re having. We’re still working on that. We’re waiting on one of the dominos to fall. Then we’ll be ready.”

The special will be shot over a two night period, which the community will be invited to watch. Wilhite said those performing in the special will represent genres from Broadway to bluegrass and everything in between.

“It’s going to be a musical celebration that is going to redefine the Ozarks. I mean huge. A full symphony orchestra. All these special guests…It will be edited into a one hour special. It will be syndicated domestically throughout the United States and internationally in dozens of countries around the world,” Wilhite said. “The goal is to make a statement. This is coming from the Ozarks. This is coming from Missouri and the fact this is coming from The Mansion Theatre for The Performing Arts, with some of the highest production values for television you’ll ever see. That’s critical to us. It has to look, feel and be the real deal. We won’t compromise under any circumstances. None.”  

Late in 2022, the Mansion Entertainment Group will open Mansion Sound, which will be unique, one-of-a-kind audio production and post production studios for motion pictures, television and music. 

“The studio downstairs, all the equipment is coming in. It’s on stage right now, but we’ll have that up and running and we’ve already talked with film companies that are interested in coming here to do their post work. God’s opening the doors and all we’re doing is running through them,” Wilhite said. “The studio itself will be for film developers, producers, directors that need post work on the musical side and sound. We’re inviting them. Matter of fact we already have some we’ve already been talking with that are ready to go as soon as we’re ready.”

The Mansion Entertainment Group has also announced the development of Mansion Studios. While they’re not ready to reveal the exact location yet, Wilhite said Mansion Studios will be located on several hundred acres in southwest Missouri. 

“If you look at the market around the country right now, the demand for sound stages and production space is huge,” Wilhite said. “What we’re building here literally is a classically designed motion picture studio that will rival anything in L.A., but will also be an attraction and tour so that the general public can come and visit and go behind the scenes, and see how moves are made and experience immersive entertainment and all that good stuff.” 

The Mansion Studios complex will feature multiple soundstages, ranging in size from 18,000 square feet to 48,000 square feet 

“Rather than just building a soundstage or two, we’re building the entire studio center. There will be production offices, there will be VFX, there will be a mixing stage for full symphony for motion picture soundtrack work. There will be bungalows and cabins for producers to stay on property. It’s an entire picture.”

Though this expansion for the Mansion will take the theater into new aspects of the entertainment industry, Wilhite said they will continue to bring in high-quality entertainment to their stage; especially following the name change last year. 

“We renamed the theater very, very strategically to now The Mansion Theatre for The Performing Arts, because we’re taking a very strong cultural view of what’s going on. That’s why last year for instance, The Simon and Garfunkel Story from London from the West End came in. Michael Cavanaugh, the star of Moving Out, Billy Joel’s Musical on Broadway. He was here. This year we have Disney Princess: The Concert exclusively for the entire region is coming here,” Wilhite said. “We’re taking the theater to a new level. Also, remaining true to our foundation artists, The Oak Ridge Boys, Gene Watson, Jimmy Fortune, The Bellamy Brothers…all of the ones we’ve had for years and we’ll continue with that and newer ones. We had Home Free and Johnny Mathis. We’re staying and dancing with the one that brought us.”  

Visit to learn more about The Mansion Theatre For The Performing Arts or to see a full line-up of currently scheduled 2022 theater performances.

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