Only months into its inaugural year in Branson and WonderWorks is already welcoming new exhibit areas to offer more adventures for guests visiting the upside-down attraction.

On Nov. 24, WonderWorks Branson opened its newest exhibit area called, Full STEAM Ahead. STEAM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and math, is an intricate part of the WonderWorks experience, according to a press release. 

The new exhibit area focuses on STEAM-related careers, beginning with becoming an astronaut. Full STEAM Ahead also includes videos, demonstrations, interactives and robotic arms.

“STEAM career fields play an important role in our society,” said WonderWorks General Manager Branson Brenda Dent. “We are happy to introduce students to these career fields and encourage them to explore their opportunities.”

In the coming years, WonderWorks Branson looks to highlight numerous other STEAM related careers including web developer, computer programmer, soil and plant science, chemist, physical eduction teacher, forensic science technician, zoologist, environmental engineer and landscape architect. 

Throughout WonderWorks there are also pop-up STEAM demos, such as an egg drop, bed of nails and the art of origami. In addition to all the STEAM-related activities that takes place inside WonderWorks, other STEAM-related programs offered include virtual learning labs, science fair partnership opportunities, science fun facts and hands-on experiences with each visit.

Additionally at WonderWorks there is a military section that honors those who protect and serve our country. This space highlights STEAM-related job opportunities in the military and showcases some the technology used in the Army. This section includes interactive exhibits, military artifacts and a theater showing of a short film, titled “American Pride.”

“We have a great exhibit that will allow people to explore these career fields in a fun way,” said Dent. “We look forward to adding more options as well. Now is the time to introduce students to these fields. You never know where that introduction will take them.”

According to the Pew Research Center, STEM-related careers have grown 79% since 1990, going from 9.7 million jobs to 17.3 million. Pew also reports that those in STEM careers earn a higher salary. They also report that women have made significant gains in the areas of life and physical sciences, the release stated. 

WonderWorks Branson also offers group activities, facilities rentals, homeschool days, birthday parties, scouting days, and sensory days. Some of the exhibits include a bubble room, Professor Wonder’s adventure, interactive sandbox, illusion art gallery and X-treme 360 bikes. The indoor amusement park offers 46,000 square feet of family friendly engaging activities, as well as two cafes. 

WonderWorks Branson is at 2835 W. 76 Country Blvd., and they are the company’s sixth and largest location. WonderWorks Branson is open 365 days per year, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., with varying hours throughout the seasons, and when recognizing holidays and special events.

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