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Country Music Artist Aaron Tippin will be performing a concert on Veterans Day at the Branson Star Theatre to benefit USA Veterans Hope Center.

The Branson Star Theatre is hosting a Veteran’s Day benefit concert staring country music artist Aaron Tippin.

Best known for his hits “You’ve Got to Stand For Something,” “Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly,” “My Blue Angel,” Workin’ Man’s PhD” and “For You I Will,” Tippin has been a prominent part of the country music scene for more than three decades.

Tippin has seated more than thirty singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including three number one hits: “There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Radio,” “That’s as Close as I’ll Get to Loving You,” and “Kiss This.” In addition, Tippin has released a total of nine studio albums and two compilations, which includes six gold certifications and one platinum certification.

The benefit concert at the Branson Star Theatre on Nov. 11 begins at 8 p.m. Jerry W. Franklin Company Chairman and Branson Star Theatre Owner Jerry Franklin shared the proceeds from the concert will benefit the USA Veterans Hope Center.

“My tenant in the Branson Star Theatre is Stevie Lee Woods and Nashville Roadhouse Live and he has the connections in the entertainment world. He’s been able to secure Aaron Tippin to come in,” said Franklin. “We’re charging, but all the net proceeds go to benefit USA Veterans Hope Center. Stevie Lee Woods is not taking anything out of ticket sales. Jerry W. Franklin Company is not taking anything out of ticket sales. We’ll just pay the cost of the entertainer and depending on how many tickets we sell, we hope we sell out, we’ll have to bring on additional staff. Other than that, every dollar falls to the bottom line to benefit USA Veterans Hope Center.”

Franklin explained that this benefit concert is being put on, because he supports the mission of USA Veterans Hope Center.

“Their original mission was to provide counseling services to veterans being at risk for suicide. In those cases where they weren’t successful and the veteran did die they provided counseling services to family members if they can in fact identify family members. The demand for that is greater than the resources as so many causes are,” said Franklin. “USA Veterans Hope Center are expanding their services to veterans to include, first of all, training veterans in the food service (industry) and they’re doing that at the former Doc’s Hickory Roadhouse that I own there in Branson. These veterans will be trained so that the unemployed and the underemployed can enter the workforce and be sufficient and stand on their own two and maybe have self-respect for the first time in a long time.”

Franklin explained that the benefit concert being held on Nov. 11 is just the first step of many to come as the Branson Star Theatre begins its transformation into the Branson Star Theatre Veterans Event Center.

“That will be entertainment for veterans and the public, but convention space for veterans groups that need to get together. Counseling offices, training offices and just a gathering spot when veterans come to town. If they say, ‘Hey, lets meet at the events center’ then they can do that. Then it will be a one-stop veterans service center. Meaning a veteran can come here and find the answers and the resources for virtually any question that might have whether it’s healthcare or training or counseling or whatever,” said Franklin. “What helps us achieve that goal of course is our ability to raise funds, whether it’s grants or just direct contributions or fundraisers like we’re doing on the 11th.”

For additional information on USA Veterans Hope Center visit usavhc.org. 

The cost of admission for the Aaron Tippin benefit concert have three tiers of seating prices. General admission tickets are $30, star gazer tickets are $40 and VIP seating is $50. For additional show information or to purchase tickets in advance visit bransonstartheater.com or call 417-320-3418.

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