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The Hughes Music Show will be one of the several shows and entertainers performing at the Veterans Benefit Show.

The Branson Veterans of America 913 are hosting their 17th Annual Veterans Benefit Show on Monday, May 17 at the Hamner Variety Theatre in Branson.

Branson Veterans of American 913 Public Relations Director Bob Sarver said the night of events begins at 6:15 p.m. with a pre-show performance featuring the Hollister High School Jazz Band.

“They’ll be on stage from 6:15 to 6:45 p.m. that night,” said Sarver. “That would be a good way to support our area youth, is to come and make sure you get to see that jazz band perform and give them a round of applause. They’re there to support us and we need to support them also.”

At 7 p.m. the show will begin with performances from The Hughes Music Show, Kathy Pearman, Rick McEwen, CJ Newsom, Doug Gabriel, The Bretts, Rich Watson and Dalena Ditto. Additionally the show is being emceed by Brydon Brett of The Bretts and Prince Ivan.

Tickets for the show are $15 per person. 

“It’s going to be an absolute marvelous show,” said Sarver. “Where can you get entertainment like that for $15? Of course all of the funds go to our organization to help us do the many special projects that we’re involved with to help veterans and their families and our scholarship program, so it’s quite exciting for us.” 

As the organization was unable to host any of their many fundraisers last year due to the pandemic, Sarver said there is definitely a big need for the community to support this event.

“You can buy a ticket to come see a great show, but you can also jump up and be a corporate sponsor,” said Sarver. “Those are the individuals in the Tri-Lakes area that have always kind of dug deep in their pockets and written a check to the organization.” 

Sarver explained they offer three different levels of corporate sponsorships. Silver level sponsors donate between $100 and $499, gold level sponsors donate between $500 and $999, and platinum level sponsors donated $1,000 and up. 

“This year we’re really honing in on our scholarships, because the need for scholarships for our area kids is great,” said Sarver. “We just gave four $750 scholarships to area seniors just this last week. We’re going to try and really help our young people in the area. That’s one of the reasons we’re really going to hone in on our scholarships. Of course we have our veterans assistance and we’ve got all the other issues we deal with to help families too.”

Sarver added that this event wouldn’t be possible without those in the community who volunteer their time and efforts to make it happen each year. 

“Dave Hamner opens his theatre to us every year and doesn’t get a thing out of it. We owe Dave Hamner an awful lot for him participating and sponsoring our organization, but (also) letting us use his theatre,” said Sarver. “Tom Brett of The Brett’s has been the producer of this show since its inception and I’m looking forward to seeing Tom perform on that night too.”

In August of 2020, the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 913 made the transition to the Branson Veterans of America 913. Sarver shared they’re excited to be able to host the show this year under their organization’s new banner.

“We knew the sustainability of the Vietnam Veterans of America was going to be short lived. In order to join that organization you had to of served during the Vietnam era. Since we’ve made the change, any veteran from any era or any conflict can join our organization,” said Sarver. “In fact, we have just blown our membership up, because now we’ve got a bunch of young people that are joining our organization and getting involved. That was the whole purpose of it, so we’re excited about it.”

During intermission of the show, Sarver said they’ll be announcing and awarding their organization’s member of the year, as well as recognizing some of the people who make this show possible each year. 

Sarver also shared that he wants residents to be aware that the Branson Veterans of American 913 will be hosting their Memorial Day Ceremony at the Ozark Memorial Cemetery in Branson at 11 a.m. on May 31. 

To make a ticket reservation for the show call 417-334-4363. 

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