Hundreds of veterans and their families gathered on Friday, Nov. 5, at the Branson Star Theater as The Branson Veterans Task Force hosted their annual Vets for Vets show.

Hosted by Jody Madaras of the All Hands on Deck show, the USO-style musical celebration featured both military veterans turned entertainers and performance veterans of the stage and screen. 

On top of performances from All Hands on Deck, audiences were treated to the musical talents of Bob Smither, CJ Newsom, Dylan Pratt, George Dyer, Sarah Joy, Eric Green, Shoji Tabuchi, Stevie Lee Woods and the Nashville Roadhouse Live Band, The Sons Music Celebration, Tony Melendez, Valerie Hill and Willie Nash. 

Attendees also heard stories from Les Brown Jr. and the show was closed out with a performance by Sonshine Dance and Fitness.

As a part of the show, Branson Mayor Larry Milton also gave a short address, where he thanked veterans for their service. 

“The vast majority of our shows in Branson, they honor our veterans and our active duty military every day of the year,” Milton said. “What you’ll also sense when you visit our community is the pride we have in our freedoms and liberties. We know that if it wasn’t for our veterans and our active duty we would not enjoy these freedoms and liberties that we have today.”

The Branson Veterans Task Force also played a memorial photo montage at the event to honor the late Brenda Meadows, who died earlier this year. Meadows, a veteran and USO performer, was the longtime organizer and host of the Vets for Vets show and many of the other Branson Veterans Homecoming Week activities. 

Visit for additional information on the Branson Veterans Task Force or for the full line-up of Branson Veterans Homecoming Week activities and events. 

Additional photos from the Vets for Vets show can be found on Page 3B.

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