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Home Free will present their Christmas show at The Mansion Theatre for the Performing Arts on Wednesday, Dec. 7, with special opening guests Texas Hill and Caroline Jones.

Home Free will be bringing their Family Christmas Tour to Branson on Wednesday, Dec. 7, for a single night performance at The Mansion Theatre for the Performing Arts. 

Featuring the talents of Austin Brown, Adam Rupp, Tim Foust, Adam Chance and Rob Lundquist, Home Free is a country a cappella group. Their Branson show will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will additionally feature opening performances by Texas Hill and Caroline Jones.

For audiences who have never seen a Home Free performance, Singer Rob Lundquist shared they perform using only their voices and are joined by no instruments. 

“We have a pretty crazy beatboxer (Adam Rupp) who sounds exactly like a drum set, which is really impressive. We have a real, real low bass with Tim Foust. We have a crazy high tenor in Austin Brown and then Chance and myself do the middle parts,” Lundquist said. “Chance also does bass too and Tim is doing leads. It’s just a family friendly good time.”

Lundquist shared what audiences can expect when they join them at The Mansion for their upcoming show.

“We’re bringing our Christmas show there. We’ll be doing pretty much half Christmas songs, half things that we do throughout the rest of the year. So things that you would have seen us do maybe on The Sing Off we were on 10 years ago now, things from our previous albums,” Lundquist said. “You’re going to get a variety of different things…You’ll get a lot of family-friendly stuff, you’ll get some fun Christmas songs and also some normal stuff you’ll hear from us all the time.”

Anyone who has had the chance to see Home Free present their Christmas show before, Lundquist explained how this show will be slightly unique.

“This Christmas show is pretty special and different for us because we have some opening acts that are incredible. For the Branson show you’ll be able to hear Texas Hill, who is great. They do have some instruments involved there,” Lundquist said. “Then also Carolyn Jones, who is currently with The Zac Brown Band and she is also doing her solo stuff as well and that’s what she’ll be doing at The Mansion that night.” 

After performing their regular tour shows all year, Lundquist shared the group looks forward to switching into holiday gear for their Christmas tour.

“Some of us more than others enjoy doing the Christmas music. I love it just because it’s the only time of year we get to do it,” Lundquist said. “We have a pretty extensive catalog at this point of Christmas music. We do a Christmas tour every single year and it’s the one time a year when we can dust those off and get to sing some really beautiful melodies with some tight harmonies.”

The five vocalists won the fourth season of The Sing-Off in 2013 and have released multiple singles and albums in the years since. At the beginning of November, Home Free released their latest album, So Long Dixie.

“We’re very proud of that album. It was actually able to make it onto the billboard charts, which we’re very excited about. It was the No.1 new country album that week,” Lundquist said. “We’re really just excited for people to listen to that. We’ll be doing some of those songs from So Long Dixie at our Christmas show in Branson.”

Before heading to Branson, Home Free has had a full schedule. Most recently the group performed for the half-time show for the Cowboys and Vikings football games. Additionally, they were asked to attend the induction ceremony of Don McClain into the Musician’s Hall of Fame. 

“Those are probably the biggest things, up until our Christmas show,” Lundquist said. “We just got done doing a pretty extensive tour, so the last couple of weeks we’ve had off, which has been great. Otherwise, we’ve just been prepping for this Christmas tour.” 

As for coming back to Branson, Lundquist said the group is always excited to return to The Mansion Theatre.

“The people who work at The Mansion are wonderful. Everyone who works there, they make us feel like we’re right at home. The crowd is always great. The Branson crowd, they’re used to seeing a lot of good performances and so they’re a really good audience,” Lundquist said. “They know that we feed off their energy and they’re always one of the best ones on the tour. We usually like to try to make it into town as well. I’ve hit up a couple great breakfast spots in Branson in downtown Branson. We love coming down there.”

To learn more about Home Free or listen to some of the latest music visit homefreemusic.com. 

The Mansion Theatre for the Performing Arts is located at 189 Expressway Lane in Branson. For additional information on the show or to reserve tickets for the performance, visit themansiontheatre.com. 

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