Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater will once again play host to the 27th Annual Hot Winter Fun Big Show on Saturday, Feb. 20 at 3 p.m. 

Since 1994, the Hot Winter Fun Big Show has been bringing together some of Branson’s biggest and best entertainers for a once-a-year showcase performance to benefit the League of Branson Theatre Owners and Show Producers, aka the Branson Show League. 

For the 2021 show, there will be performances from the Hughes Music Show, Legends in Concert, Grand Jubilee, Six, The Golden Sounds of the Platters, The Hughes Brothers Country show, Back to the Bee Gees, George Jones and Friends Remembered, Oh Happy Day, Nashville RoadHouse Live, ReVive, Patsy to Patsy and Jerry Presley. 

Joshua Clark, morning radio show co-host of The Upside on 106.3 FM, will return again this year to serve as the emcee for the evening. 

Due to the pandemic, social distancing will be in effect inside the theatre, however two seating options will still be available, according to The Branson Show League Marketing Director Cindy Merry.

“One is the floor seating, which we will be socially distancing everyone. Then there is VIP seating in the balcony, which includes a meal,” Merry said. “The catering is by Branson Center Stage and Florentina’s. That will be table-top dining, and there will be a cash bar. The plan is that every attendee will get a souvenir coffee mug,”

The funds raised during this annual show go towards the marketing of Branson, especially during the winter season. 

“The businesses that stay open during this time period still need the places outside of Branson to know that Branson is still open. As with anything, if you’re not out there telling people that there’s things to do in Branson right now it’s kind of out of sight, out of mind,” Merry said. “We used to spend money during January and February marketing in Minnesota and we would see tons of license plates from Minnesota, because to those people, they’d come down here and they’d be out on the golf courses in their shorts. They’d be like, ‘This weather is fabulous.’”

For additional information about the show or to purchase tickets visit showsinbranson.com or call 417-339-3003. 

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