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The Christmas Tree Display at Lodge of the Ozarks

It is officially December! Meaning Christmas is only a short few weeks away and the Christmas trees are soon to be even more plentiful around town. Welcome back to another edition of Tim’s Christmas Tree Corner. If you’re new here, let me fill you in on what I’ve been doing for the last month.

Since the beginning of November, I have been selecting a Christmas tree(s) or Christmas display to feature in the entertainment section of each edition of our Branson Tri-Lakes News. So far I have had the opportunity to highlight several of the area’s Christmas trees and I’m not even close to being done yet. 

For this edition, I have selected the fun display at Lodge of the Ozarks. Taking full advantage of the entryway in front of their property, Lodge of the Ozarks has really brightened up the 76 Strip with their Christmas decorations. By using the streetlamp poles, the lodge has created two large, unique Christmas Trees. Alongside the trees, they have also adorned the surrounding bushes and trees with lights as well for an extremely festive look. I’m a huge fan of what they built and their creativity.

As always I would like to encourage all of you to pick an evening to take a drive through town and visit all the amazing trees and displays that have been set up this season. If you have a suggestion on the Christmas tree I should feature next, please email me at tchurch@bransontrilakesnews.com.

Lodge of the Ozarks is located at 3431 76 Country Blvd in Branson. Visit lodgeoftheozarksbranson.com. 

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