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On Thursday, Oct. 7, FOX & Friends broadcasted live from the Farmhouse Restaurant in Branson.

Branson’s Farmhouse Restaurant welcomed FOX & Friends Weekend Co-Host Rachel Campos-Duffy for breakfast during a special live morning segment on Thursday, Oct. 7. 

During the segment, titled Breakfast with Friends, Campos-Duffy discussed news of the day and the 25th Anniversary of FOX News Channel with folks having breakfast at the Farmhouse.

“I love our viewers. I love being around them and getting direct feedback because I know how much they love America,” Campos-Duffy said ahead of the broadcast via email. “I trust their common sense. I’m looking forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary with them and hearing their take on solutions for the state of affairs in our country right now.”

During her visits with Farmhouse patrons, Campos-Duffy brought up a number of discussion topics including their love for FOX News and America, President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, and life issues. Before and after each segment FOX & Friends co-hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade welcomed guests to their studio throughout the morning as they also celebrated FNC’s 25th Anniversary. 

Branson was one of a few locations across the country selected as a broadcast site for the Oct. 7, morning segment. A FOX News Spokesperson said they chose Branson as a broadcast location based on what they witnessed during a previous visit.

“Branson, MO, and specifically The Farmhouse, was chosen as it was visited in 2018 during the midterms,” the spokesperson said in an email. “During that segment, the diner was packed, and everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves—it seemed like the perfect place to visit as FOX News celebrates its 25th Anniversary.”

To view the recorded segments from the Branson broadcast visit

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