Many have dreamt of being able to jump in a time machine for the chance to see what awaits the world in the years to come. 

While being able to physically travel to the future seems out of reach, at the moment, what if instead you could simply talk to the future. One pair of filmmakers set out to bring such a concept to life with their new family sci-fi adventure film “Future TX.” 

Written and Directed by Tim Clague and Danny Stack, “Future TX” tells the story of Dylan and Molly, who just after purchasing their new cell phones, receive a call from someone who claims he is from the future and he needs their help if the world is to survive. The film features the talents of Arran Kemp, Adele Congreve, Griff Rhys Jones, Catriona Knox, Doug Cockle, Nicole Faraday and James Grogan.

Originally released in the UK, “Future TX” has now made its way to the U.S. for release in select cinemas. 

Arran Kemp, who plays Dylan in the film, shared what he enjoyed most about the storyline when he read the script for the first time.

“I was so excited by the fact it was a sci-fi family film that felt so modern,” Kemp said. “A lot of films that I grew up watching were kind of from the ‘80s about sci-fi. I was watching Back to the Future and Goonies and that sort of thing, which were films that were ‘Aw! Amazing!’ and still amazing and I’d watch anyway. I think it’s such a unique time now because of how far technology has come and how exciting technology is. Also scary. That allows for such an incredible sci-fi family film.”

Kemp added another exciting element is there’s no other films similar to “Future TX” that have been released, which makes it unique. 

“It was an incredible experience, because we were filming with drones. We were filming with incredible special effects and stuff like that, which was just so exciting. Because they were almost an actor themselves with all this technology we were having to get our heads around,” Kemp said. “For a teenager, that’s just the coolest thing, working with drones. I was like wow. I had never really been up close with this kind of thing before. It was just so exciting. That’s why I had such an amazing time doing it.”

For the film, Kemp’s character Dylan teams up with his best friend Molly, who is played by Adele Congreve. Though they hadn’t ever met before, Kemp said their friendship formed quite naturally on screen.

“Interestingly she was three years younger than me. The thing with Adele is she had such maturity to the screen, which is something I think the directors really, really liked. She had that ability to be like a badass leading lady. It was really exciting,” Kemp said. “Adele was someone who was really exciting to share the screen with. It was really, really great and we had great days on set.” 

Once she had been cast in the project, Congreve said due to the similarities between her and her character Molly, it wasn’t different to discover how to play her.

“I think I was 12 when I did it, which is great because the character is 13. I had an advantage over Arran, because he’s a bit older than me. It was kind of just me-ish a lot really, which is one of the reasons why I got it.” Congreve said. “I’m not quite so serious about things as Molly, but we are quite similar I think. So it wasn’t so hard.”

Between the pandemic and post production special effects, both of the young actors confirmed several years have passed since they were on set filming the movie and its release. While Congreve was 12, and Kemp was 16, they are now 17 and going on 21 respectively. 

Congreve shared what it’s been like to be brought back into the world of “Future TX” as a teenager, after originally being introduced to it when she was just a child.

“It’s made me miss it quite a lot as well I realized. When I did it, I was really tired because I had to go so much further than other people. My days were really long. It was great fun and it was fine, but it was quite a tiring thing to do actually,” Congreve said. “People don’t realize how tiring making a film or a tv show or anything like that is. Right afterwards for a few months I was like, ‘I’m never doing something like that again. I’m never doing it again.’ But then I realized it was so much fun. It was so enjoyable. Now I can look back on it and people ask me questions and it was great fun.”                   

Looking forward, both Kemp expressed his interest in making himself available to be in a sequel should one come about.

“There’s such an opportunity to see those characters all grown up and to see how their lives have changed,” Kemp said. “It’s 100% got the legs for a sequel, but I haven’t heard much. But I would love to be involved if there was one.”

Congreve echoed Kemp’s thoughts and said she would also be on board for a sequel film.

“I would still do it. I would do it again to be honest. If Tim and Danny ever contact me and be like, ‘We want to do it again.’ I’ll be like, ‘Yes.’ It was just so much fun,” Congreve said. “I always hoped there would be a second one and there wasn’t. You never know they might still do one. It’s up to them really.”

“Future TX” is currently playing in select cinemas and will be available for video on demand starting on April 18, 2023.  

To enjoy the full Church’s Celebrity Connection video interviews with Arran Kemp and Adele Congreve, visit the Tim Church Media channel on YouTube. 

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