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Missouri 65 will be just one of the groups performing as part of the Cabin Fever Variety Show on Saturday.

As the area heads toward the end of its second month for the infamous “slow season,” The Society of Ozarkian Hillcrofters have crafted an event to help folks get out of their house for some fun and entertainment. 

The 2023 Cabin Fever Variety Music Show, hosted by The Society of Ozarkian Hillcrofters, is set to take place from 7 to 9 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 25, at the New Testament Christian Church in Reed Spring. The Society of Ozarkian Hillcrofters President Curtis Copeland shared the organization has prepared an exciting line-up of both music and comedy for this year’s show.

“For the music we kind of stick with Ozarks traditional music. We’ll have the Farnum Family, which is pretty well known in the area with their bluegrass and Ozarks folk style music,” Copeland said. “Then up and coming and becoming very popular, the Missouri 65 group. Also a local group. They’re doing some great things. They’re a younger group, but they are really taking off. Then we are having the Grand Country Comedy Team, which features local comedians, talented guys Justin Sifford, Shannon Thomason and Andy Parks of Grand Country. They’ll be doing a comedy bit that’s guaranteed to be funny for sure.”

To wrap up the evening, Copeland said a new group will be taking the stage to make their Cabin Fever debut.

“We’ll have kind of a powerhouse group of musicians, they’re calling themselves the Hillcrofters Harmonies. It’s going to be featuring Johnny Meyer from Nashville. He’s recently performed with Jimmy Fortune here in town,” Copeland said. “Then also Justin and Lori Sifford, local fiddle legend Dennis Pritchard, who was recently with Missouri Boatride, and up and coming star Emalee Flatness; who performs at Silver Dollar City and Shepherd of the Hills amongst other places. So that’s going to be a pretty exciting group there.”

Entry into the event is free, but donations are highly encouraged. Copeland explained the purpose behind the creation and hosting of this special musical showcase each year is twofold. 

“No.1 it’s to entertain. Especially this time of year in the Ozarks things have slowed down because of winter time, so it’s a chance for folks to get out and enjoy some music and fun for an evening. But it is also for a good cause,” Copeland said. “We raise money for The Society of Ozarkian Hillcrofters for a number of different projects, but kind of the main one regarding music is we raise funds for scholarships for the kids involved in the Ozark Mountain Music Association to send them to camps to learn traditional Ozarks music and instrumentation. We seek out students that need financial assistance to be able to attend those events and this really helps that out.”

Additionally, Copeland said, the monies raised are used for the preservation efforts of the society. 

“One we’re wrapping up and we’ll be having the grand opening this coming spring of the Historic Springfield-Harrison Roadside Park, which features a nature trail to the murder rocks,” Copeland said. “That is a unique and historic location. The Springfield-Harrison road obviously is of importance and historic significance. We’re also partners with the Missouri State Parks, so we’re working on raising money to preserve the Garber Schoolhouse at the new Shepherd of the Hills State Park. Those are just a couple of the things we raise funds for. Our mission is to preserve Ozarks history and culture for now and the future.”

Copeland also shared they have invited a special guest to join them for the event weather permitting, but folks will have to come out to the show if they want to learn who it is.

The New Testament Christian Church is located at 21016 Main Street in Reeds Spring. For additional information on the show contact Copeland at 417-339-6882 or Larry Sifford at 417-335-0096. To learn more about The Society of Ozarkian Hillcrofters and their mission for Ozarks preservation visit societyofozarkianhillcrofters.com.

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