The Bennetts

Kathi and Roger Bennett pose with their grandson Brayden last week at their home located off Sherry Lane. They started their annual light show 18 years ago for their children and now their grandchildren.

Decorating their house with lights and ornaments has been a tradition for 18 years; however, Kathi and Roger Bennett decided to add a twist this holiday season.

The Bennetts usually start preparing to decorate their house, located off Sherry Lane in Branson, with countless strings of lights and holiday decorations right after Halloween. This year, the Bennetts took it one step further and programmed their annual light show to Christmas songs.

“It’s fun to do different things with all of the music stuff now. Next year, I’ll probably make them do something different,” Roger said.

It took about a month of work to not only decorate the outside of the house, but to also program the lights to about 15 different Christmas songs, Kathi said. The easiest part is taking it all down, which takes only two days, she said.

“It’s a lot easier to take down than it is to put up,” Kathi said.

It takes “a lot of time” to program countless amounts of lights to music, Roger said.

Their inspiration for doing this each year comes from their children and now their grandchildren.

“We love Christmas, and I guess we do for the kids,” Kathi said.

Roger said they also switched to LED lights, which save a lot money on the electricity bill.

The Bennetts have two digital boxes with countless strings of lights connected to a computer, and with a computer software program, they programmed the lights to do all sorts of different things. Roger said next year they may add more to the rooftop.

“It’s the best we’ve done yet,” Kathi said.

To enjoy the lights with the music, drivers can tune their radio stations to 96.3 FM. Roger said there are 15 different Christmas songs programmed, and the show is about 30 minutes long.

The Bennetts said their hours of operation are between 6-10 p.m. during the week and will leave the lights on a little longer on the weekends.

The Bennetts are located at 321 Sherry Lane in Branson. The light show will run from now until Jan. 1.

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