Teig: Employee of Month

Branson Alderman Bob Simmons presents Caleb Teig with the April 2015 Employee of the Month award at the board’s regular meeting Tuesday evening.

    Branson police officer Caleb Teig was named the April 2015 Employee of the Month for his role in pulling an unconscious woman away from a house fire in January.

    The fire resulted in the death of entertainer Charles “Chuck” Landry, 46, and left his wife, Regina Landry, injured.

    Regina Landry attended the meeting Tuesday and received a standing ovation.

    “Being the first emergency responder to arrive on the scene, officer Teig saw the house was engulfed in flames with no apparent way to access the house from the front,” Alderman Bob Simmons said as he presented the award. “He went around the back of the house, checking it out. Officer Teig heard a female screaming for help.

    “After  climbing a staircase to a second-floor deck, he located a woman badly burned and unconscious. He was able to drag the woman away from the imminent danger of the fire and then carried her down the stairs and around  to the front where medical personnel were waiting. The female (Regina Landry) survived that day, thanks to officer Teig’s courage and quick response.”

    Teig expressed his thanks for the community’s support and the well-being of Regina Landry.

    “It was a very unfortunate night that happened and it's a very sad deal that it couldn't have had a better outcome than what it did,” Teig said. “I don't feel like I did anything that any police officer wouldn't have done were they in my shoes, but definitely your gratitude does not go unnoticed.

    “The best part about this evening is we actually do have Ms. Regina Landry in the audience tonight. The good thing is it's starting to look like she's on her way to a full recovery, so that's the good thing.”

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