William Mahoney

    President of Cox Medical Center Branson William Mahoney makes a presentation at the Keeter Center during the Hollister Chamber of Commerce luncheon Thursday afternoon.

    Cox Medical Center Branson was acknowledged for recent accomplishments at the Hollister Chamber of Commerce luncheon Thursday.

    Hollister Area Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman Todd Aeschliman announced that Cox Medical Center was awarded employer of choice for 2014-2016, the employer satisfaction rate reached the 90th percentile among 376 healthcare organizations nationwide in 2013, and that Cox scored 15 points higher than the state and national average in patient outcomes.

    “Our mission is, in Cox Health Medical Center Branson, is to improve the health of those needed to be served through quality health care education research,” President of Cox Medical Center Branson William Mahoney said.

    Mahoney presented on various topics regarding the hospital during the luncheon. He mentioned Cox is collaborating with the Mayo Clinic on a program that has helped residents in Stone and Taney counties stop smoking.

    “We have 102 people now (who have) quit smoking in Taney and Stone county. We feel this the type of thing that we need to do to help our community, and vision to be the best for those who need us,” Mahoney said.

    He reported that tobacco use in Taney County is higher than the state average, obesity is in line with the state average and teen births are higher than the state average.

    According to Mahoney, $60  million dollars over a five-year period is being invested in Cox for improvements and expansions.

    “We’re in the beginning phases now to meet with our architects to spend another $25-28 million in more construction needs.”

    Cox has a scholarship program for employees who have children interested in the medical field through the Skaggs Foundation.

    “If you know somebody that needs some help going to college and they’re going to do something in health care, please get a hold of the Skaggs Foundation. We didn’t use all of the money last year,” Mahoney said.  

    Currently in the works, Mahoney said Cox and Mercy are teaming up with the University of Missouri to bring a medical school to Springfield for third- and fourth-year students.

    “The first class starts in June of 2016. There will be eight students, and will keep doubling every year until we get to 64. Why that’s important? Where people train is a lot of times where they stay to practice, and there is a shortage of physicians  throughout the United States.”

    Mahoney also talked about hospital security and arming security guards with stun guns.

    “As you see things like drugs and things like that escalate throughout our country, we want to make sure we keep people safe. This isn’t to say that we’ve had any bad incidents, but I want to be prepared in case we do.”

    Mahoney said Cox has recruited 22 new doctors.

    “We just hired our third Cleveland clinic physician to come to Cox Medical Center Branson. That is huge.”

    Additionally, Mahoney discussed some new innovative technology. Cox is working with White River Valley Electric Co-op on giving  workers who get hurt on the job easier access to a doctor without leaving their job.

    Mahoney showed a picture of an injured worker showing his injuries to a doctor through a computer with special cameras.

    “This is definitely a growing business for us,” Mahoney said. “We never would have looked at this in health care. You’re going to see more and more of these things start to happen as we’re pushing this in the area.”Hospital president discusses facility programs

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