Employee of the year

Branson Fire Department Division Chief Randy Fogle, left, accepts his Employee of the Month in September from Alderman Mike Booth. Fogle was named the Branson Employee of the Year at the city's Christmas party.

    A Branson Fire & Rescue Division Chief was named the Branson Employee of the Year at the city’s Christmas party.

    Randy Fogle, the September Employee of the Month, was chosen as the Employee of the Year among the 11 other winners in 2014.

    Every month an employee is nominated for the Employee of the Month. At the end of the year, one winner is picked for the Employee of the Year honor.

Fogle was selected as the September Employee of the Month following a fire response in late July. The fire department responded to a 2:30 a.m. report of a commercial structure fire at an attraction on 76 Country Boulevard.  

    Firefighters were able to quickly contain the fire but there was extensive smoke and fire damage to a building which housed multiple attractions.  Utilities had to be turned off,  which made business operations impossible.

    After completing his investigation for determination of fire cause, Fogle spent his day off helping the business owner and the management team safely secure the property.  

    An electrician isolated power so electricity could run to he attractions. He also worked with the electric utility provider to restore power for the attractions so they could operate equipment and work into the evening hours. His efforts allowed the business to be open for customers early Saturday afternoon — within 12 hours of the fire — on a busy tourism weekend.

    Fogle was nominated for demonstrating the city of Branson values of teamwork and cooperation, excellence and safety. He was recognized as the Employee of the Year for being an excellent example of the cooperation and service the city expects from those who serve the Branson community.

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