FORSYTH — A Hollister man already facing several felony charges added another last month for knowingly endangering a jail employee.

According to a felony complaint from Anthony Brown, assistant Taney County prosecuting attorney, John Cranmer, 31, committed a class C felony when he “knowingly caused a corrections employee to come into contact with feces ... knowing he was infected with hepatitis C.”

Cranmer was placed in a cell on suicide watch, according to a probable cause statement. The statement reports he complained to jail personnel about the temperature.

He told jail staff he was going to smear his feces all over the cell, and then proceeded to do so on the cell’s walls and window, according to the statement.

Cranmer refused orders to clean up the cell and told personnel that if they cleaned the cell, he would perform the act again.

“The jail staff did have to remove Cranmer from his cell and send in an officer to clean,” according to the probable cause statement. “This action placed the office in direct contact with hepatitis C.”

Cranmer was being held in the jail on previous charges.

According to probable cause statements from Branson police and Taney County Sheriff’s deputies, Cranmer committed forgery in April of last year, cashing stolen checks at an area bank.

He was charged with two counts of forgery and was released on bond, but failed to appear for a September 2012 court date.

He also fled from police on June 18, 2012, after failing to stop at a stop sign.

The pursuit netted Cranmer two more felony charges for resisting arrest and for drug possession.

He remained at large until he was arrested Nov. 21 by the Missouri Highway Patrol, according to court records.

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