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The Boardgame Cafe is getting an upgrade with some new owners.

The Boardgame Cafe is releasing their “expansion pack” on April 1.

The downtown Branson cafe and gaming center will be changing ownership on April 1 when Branson entertainer Christopher James and his wife Rachael are given the keys from the current retiring owners.

“We were some of the first customers,” Rachael told Branson Tri-Lakes News. “We would come here with our children and did a Kid’s Connection video on the Vacation Channel. We just loved it, and when we saw they were selling, we knew we couldn’t let them sell it to someone who would ruin it!”

She said her husband first came to her with the idea of buying the cafe, and the couple had a lot of discussions because they knew it would be a lot of work to make the cafe operate on the level those who love the place would expect to see. She said they eventually decided they could add the business to their family’s business portfolio.

“My husband performs on the Showboat, he’s in real estate, and we have a condo business as well,” Rachael said. 

She said she had been handling the family’s condo business when she was not working as a special education teacher in the Kirbyville school district.

Rachael said when they take ownership they plan to make a few changes, but they’re describing them as being an “expansion pack” to the current Boardgame Cafe.

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The Boardgame Cafe will continue to offer hundreds of games for patrons to enjoy.

“We have a couple things we’d like to add to the menu,” she said. “There are a few things that the current owners Les and Tammy are wanting to take off the menu, so when they run out of those products they’ll be taking them off the menu. We’ll be adding some new items like paninis. We just have to get things worked out with the health department and planning department.”

The store’s unique candy mix option is going to be staying for the kids of all ages.

Following the theme of being the cafe’s expansion pack, the location is going to have a similar but new name.

“We’re going to call it Dice & Dine: The Boardgame Cafe to keep with that theme of being an expansion pack to the original,” Rachael said. “We’re just going to call the place ‘D&D’ and have fun with it. Just a few things to brand the place but keep all the fun of the original.”

She said one of the upgrades will be to the loyalty system for customers to allow them new and creative ways to earn special rewards at the cafe. 

They also hope to be able to expand the cafe in the future to allow more groups to come in for special events, such as trivia or themed game nights.

Rachael said they are currently looking for employees to help gear up longer hours and more days open for the cafe, and applicants are encouraged to come and fill out an application at the cafe, on the corner of W. Main St. and Veterans Blvd. in downtown Branson.

More information about the changeover can also be found on their social media pages and at

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