Gretna Water Main Leak 2022.jpg

Water seeping through the road after a water main break on Gretna Road.

The city of Branson announced they will be putting a focus on replacing some of the city’s old infrastructure.

The city will focus on replacing water mains and service lines in various communities. The project will begin in 2023 by replacing piping in the Hiawatha Heights subdivision, with anticipated completion in late 2024.

“This isn’t a new challenge to communities across the country,” Branson Utilities Director Kendall Powell said. “It’s a massive undertaking and something we’ve been planning for and working on for some time now.”

The highest priority areas of the city were determined through a study of water leaks. The segments of the community with a high number of leaks compared to the total footage of the water main in the area mixed with other variables to create the priority list. 

Parts of the city on the high priority list are:

- Lakeview Terrace/Eiserman and Parnell area

- Lucia Ridge

- Murphy Addition

- Gateway

- Downtown

- W. Branson Heights

- Branson North

- Cantwell

Powell is asking for the community’s patience as they work through their priority list.

“I’m excited that we are at the stage where our residents will be able to start seeing some improvements,” Powell said. “We will also coordinate with our Public Works team so any necessary road repairs/paving will cause less disruption to residents. We will do our best to limit the negative impacts but do ask for patience.”

The $10 million for the first phase of the project will be paid from the city’s Tourism Tax revenue, which passed in 1997 to improve and maintain the infrastructure which helps Branson’s tourism economy. 

The city is also seeking federal grant help for the project.

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