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Another candidate has thrown their hat into the ring to replace Taney County Clerk Donna Neeley.

Stephanie Spencer, an employee of the Taney County Clerk’s Office since 2016, is the second candidate to declare for the Republican nomination, joining Shanna Tilley.

“I was knowledgeable of the election process when I started working for the County Clerk, but I was astounded by what I learned during the preparatory election phase when we began cleaning up voter rolls, setting up and executing an election, as well as reviewing the overall safeguards are in place to not only protect the voter, but also the candidate,” Spencer said in a statement. “I learned we had room for improvement.”

Spencer said protecting election integrity is one of the cornerstones of her campaign.

“We live in such a time of great distrust and misinformation,” Spencer said. “Election integrity is the cornerstone of our Democracy and I am devoted to protecting it. I am committed to helping educate voters on the election process, in hopes of improving voter participation and the overall voting experience. There are a multitude of needs in our community and I strive to find ways to help people serve and get involved in our election process. Think of what we can accomplish if we work together and not let our differences define us as we work toward a common goal.”

Spencer cited God, family, and pride in America in her press release as the sources of her core values. She and her husband of 34 years have seven children. She was promoted in 2021 to Chief Deputy in the County Clerk’s office.

“I am not a politician, I am a servant of the people,” Spencer said. “In the eyes of God I am not perfect, but I strive each day to be better than the last. Though I may not have all of the answers, I endeavor to learn, grow and expand my knowledge. I’m willing to work hard with you to find solutions. I care deeply about you and our community and I would be honored to have your vote on August 2, 2022.”

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