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The Branson Police Department is warning residents about a new phone call scam.

The scammers are calling Branson area residents and telling them a warrant is out for their arrest unless the person called pays a specific fee.

The BPD says there are four tell-tale signs of a scam:

- Scammers will pretend to be from an organization you know and try to sound official. They will use technology to make caller ID appear to be from an official agency or show a number of a local agency;

- Scammers will say there is either a problem or a prize;

- The caller will attempt to pressure or scare the person called to take some kind of immediate action;

- Payment will need to be made in a specific way.

The Branson PD wants residents to know no law enforcement agency will contact someone by phone or email about a traffic violation or a warrant for their arrest. No department will demand a payment over the phone, via email, to click a link or go to a website, or ask for a gift card for payment.

No law enforcement agency will ask for personal or financial information over the phone for a request you did not expect or make of the agency. 

The BPD suggests before you do anything based on a phone call, talk to someone you trust to see if they feel you might be a scam victim.

If you receive one of the scam calls, hang up immediately, and then call 911 to report the call.

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