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The Harris family open two businesses, a dance studio and a jiu Jitsu studio, in Kimberling City. Pictured left to right: Jaydie Leigh Harris, Shannon Harris, Joe Harris, Joey Harris.

A family new to the area has decided to open up two businesses in Kimberling City designed to get their students moving. 

The Harris family, Shannon, Joe, Joey and Jaydie Leigh, will be opening their doors to the community at their dance studio and Jiu Jitsu studio on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Their grand opening will be held between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. at their studios, located at 13099 State Highway 13, Unit F in Kimberling City. 

Shannon Harris told the Branson Tri-Lakes News the businesses are a family project which combines the passion her husband and son have for jiu jitsu and her daughter has for dance. 

“We actually just moved here a year ago from California,” Harris said. “We actually still have a roofing company out in California that we run from here. But we decided we need to do something here for this community and that’s when everything came together. We know God has his hand on this the whole time.”

Harris said both businesses bring their family together.

“The Paragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is going to be run by my husband and my son,” Harris said. “My husband, Joe, is a black belt and he’s been an instructor for quite a few years. It has just become his passion, it’s never been his full time thing, but he just loves it so much. He loves the teaching aspect, so he just felt like he could bring jiu jitsu to the community. My son Joey has been training since he was 4. And he is a blue belt. So he’ll help teach the kids classes and be involved with the adult classes as well.”

Harris said the dance studio Jaydie Leigh Dance, which is named after her daughter, has been a dream for many years now. 

“My daughter is actually going to be the one who is teaching the classes, along with another teacher, Casey Cole, who is a junior at Branson High School,” Harris said. “My daughter is almost 15, and she’s been competitively dancing since she was 5. She just loves it. She’s always wanted to own a dance studio since the time she was tiny. We thought what a better time than now to just allow her to give it a try and do it. This way we’re there to help if needed.”

Harris said the location is perfectly set up for both businesses to exist at one location.

“What was so amazing is we were looking for a place, and we weren’t finding it,” Harris said. “Then we found this place. We’ve never seen a commercial building like this. So the unit has one door but when you walk in, there are literally two doors leading to 1,000-square-foot studios. So one side is going to be set up for jiu jitsu, and the other side is going to be for the dance studio.”

Harris said Paragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will host classes for ages 4 and up. 

“So as of right now, they’re going to hold jiu jitsu classes on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and then what we call ‘open mat classes’ on some Saturdays,” Harris said.

The jiu jitsu classes will have Little Panthers for students ages 4 to 7 years-old, which are $80 a month. Panthers for students who are eight to 13 years-old, and those will be $100 a month. Our adult classes are for ages 14 and up and will be $100 a month, according to Harris.

The Jaydie Leigh Dance will have classes for ages 3 to12, and will have a variety of techniques and styles taught, according to Harris.

“They will teach ballet, jazz, and lyrical,” Harris said. “Then for the 3 to 6 year-olds it’s kind of a combined class with ballet, tap and tumble.”

Harris said the family hopes to bring their passion for these sports to the community. 

“Jiu jitsu in general, is about self confidence. It brings about a sense of being able to defend yourself. It brings the whole team aspect because even though it’s like you’re going against each other, everyone’s here to help each other. It’s very humbling. It really is all about growth,” Harris said. “It gives students not only physical growth, but mental growth and spiritual growth. It is all three combined, because it’s alive. It is as much of a mental game as well as the physical game.

“With the dance studio, my daughter just wants to share her joy of dance. She’s had such amazing role models growing up in dance, and she just wants to be there for these girls. She wants to just show them, you know, the beauty of dance and being able to learn the movement of your body and just becoming a confident young woman. It is about instilling belief in themselves.”

Dance classes will cost $40 and up, depending on the classes and how many students take, according to Harris. 

Harris said during their grand opening they will have live demonstrations and will be available for members of the community who may have questions. 

For more information visit ‘Jaydie Leigh Dance’ on Facebook or call (417) 372-1805.

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