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Branson Public Schools has announced a partnership with CoxHealth that will allow students who have a medical need to be seen at their school campus without requiring a parent to take them from class to a local healthcare clinic.

The CoxHealth Virtual Care Clinics will allow students, staff, and even dependents to be seen for basic medical needs or for urgent needs by a CoxHealth provider. The participants will meet with either a licensed physician or nurse practitioner using video conferencing equipment.

Parents or caregivers who can’t be at the school for the session will be able to conference in from their computers or mobile devices.

“Branson Schools is excited to partner with CoxHealth to provide this convenient benefit to our students, staff, and their dependents,” BPS Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Dr. Nate Moore told Branson Tri-Lakes News. “The opportunity to receive necessary care in a timely manner is very important, but being able to do it with minimal disruptions to a students’ or employee’s day is invaluable. Surrounding district’s that have implemented this program, cite significant increases in the number of students and staff that are able to remain at school after their virtual visit. Providing students with great health care during school hours allows for the opportunity of uninterrupted classroom education.”

The provider visits will be billed to a patient’s health insurance, but Children’s Miracle Network through CoxHealth will help to cover the costs of visits for uninsured children.

CoxHealth will also provide “Virtual Clinic Navigators” who will operate the equipment and handle logistical issues so the provider and patient can focus on the appointment.

“We are excited to partner with Branson School Districts to help bring care to them right at school,” Tabitha Ferwalt, CoxHealth Virtual Visits projects manager, told Branson Tri-Lakes News. “CoxHealth Virtual School Clinics allow Branson School District staff and students the opportunity to receive quick convenient care for minor illnesses. Our goal is to get students and teachers healthy and back to school as soon as possible. We have had great success with school clinics in other districts. Parents love the ability to take part in the visit virtually and participate fully in their child’s care even when they may not be able to be at the school in person.”

CoxHealth said in a press release that virtual clinics in schools have shown to reduce the number of absences. The clinics are funded in part by grants from TKD Foundation, Missouri Foundation for Health, the United States Department of Agriculture and a partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals at CoxHealth.

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