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Todd Thompson could receive a life sentence if convicted on a kidnapping charge.

A Forsyth man is facing life in prison after being accused of kidnapping.

Todd A. Thompson, 45, is facing a count of first degree kidnapping and first degree harassment for an incident which took place in Branson on Jan. 3. He is also facing a charge of Tampering With A Witness In A Felony Prosecution from a second related incident.

According to court documents, Thompson took a one-month-old child from his mother and fled from an apartment. He allegedly demanded $200 to return the child to his mother. 

In the second incident, court documents claim the victim had been in contact with Thompson while he was in the Taney County jail. In a previous incident, where she filed charges on Thompson, she was unable to appear in court due to medical reasons and the charges against Thompson were dropped because of it. The victim said in a conversation on Jan. 8, Thompson asked her to do the same thing and not show up in court so the charges would be dropped.

She added Thompson made her feel like it was her fault he was in jail, and she told investigators Thompson had assaulted her in the past, making her afraid of him.

If convicted on the kidnapping charge, a Class A Felony in Missouri, Thompson could receive a sentence of five to 30 years in prison, or a life sentence. 

The case docket shows Thompson does not have an attorney and is waiting for a public defender to be assigned to his case. 

Thompson is being held at the Taney County jail with no bond.

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