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Robert Wissell is accused of pointing a firearm at law enforcement as part of a standoff in Taney County.

A Kirbyville man is jailed after a seven-hour standoff with police that began Friday night, Sept. 27, near the Kirbyville Elementary School.

Court documents say Robert Wissell is facing two counts of first degree assault or attempted assault against a special victim. The maximum penalty, if convicted on the charges, would be life in prison.

The probable cause statement from the Taney County Sheriff’s Office said the standoff began after 7:15 p.m. Friday night when a woman in a white passenger van pulled into the parking area of Kirbyville Elementary and told a parked Taney County Deputy her husband had locked her out of their home and blocked the driveway.

Two deputies then followed the woman to 216 Mandolin Drive, where they observed a silver pickup blocking the driveway of 260 Mandolin Drive.

The deputies approached the home and allege that Wissell approached them wielding a firearm. Wissell pointed the gun at one of the deputies and said if he did not leave Wissell’s property, he would kill him. The deputy informed Wissell that he was lawfully allowed to be on the property, in his full uniform, and in full capacity as a Taney County deputy.

The deputy said Wissell approached him a second time with the weapon, and again issued his threat to shoot the deputy. Wissell later retreated, and an approximately seven-hour standoff took place, according to Taney County Sheriff Brad Daniels.

Daniels said that Wissell eventually surrendered without causing further incident. The weapon that Wissell was holding was found to have been loaded and fully capable of use.

The Taney County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Branson Police Department, Hollister Police Department, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Deputies stated in the probable cause statement they feel Wissell is a threat to the victim because he pointed a loaded, functioning firearm at law enforcement, and is a danger to the community because he committed the crime from anger and emotional instability.

Taney County Assistant Prosecutor Bradley Hughes will try the case for the county. Wissell does not have an attorney of record listed in Missouri Casenet.

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William B

While there is no context in this article about any other threats or abuse with the women involved. If asked to leave, officers of the "Law" are not above the "law" and this would be considered trespassing. A badge and uniform does not give officers magical powers to make them high and mighty. The officer brought the threat of force and violence to this mans property and was met in kind. (If it was his property, unknow due to lack of context.) Easy win for a good defense attorney.

So Sick Of This Nonsense

Oh Billy, you have glossed over the part of the article that deputies said the suspect pointed a loaded weapon at them. If this is true, the suspect is lucky to be alive. Let's see how a good defense attorney handles this in court. I guess you don't back the blue either.

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