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The Branson Board of Aldermen with Mayor Larry Milton.

The Branson Board of Aldermen has taken the first step in allowing the citizens to have their say regarding a tax on marijuana sales in the city.

The aldermen passed on first reading an ordinance which would impose a 3% tax on legal recreational mairjuana sold within Branson city limits. The 3% tax would be in addition to state and local county taxes, and the 6% marijuana sales tax implemented by the state of Missouri.

The ordinance states the revenue from the tax would be placed in the city’s General Fund with an earmark toward needs of public safety. The state law does not require the funds be allocated to public safety, but many Missouri communities who have passed similar laws have placed those restrictions on the funds.

The tax would not only apply to recreational marijuana sales, but also the paraphernalia used for smoking of marijuana.

The question on the ballot will read: Shall the City of Branson, Missouri, impose a sales tax of three percent (3%) on all retail sales of adult-use marijuana sold in the City of Branson, Missouri, go to the General Fund and be used for public safety?

The measure would be on the Aug.8, 2023 ballot.

If the measure is passed by Branson voters, the tax would begin to start collection on Jan. 1, 2024. Second reading of the bill will be on the aldermen’s consent agenda at the May 23, 2023 meeting.

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