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Calvin Shofner and Joy Jones are facing charges related to the alleged abuse of a child.

A Taney County couple is jailed after being accused of abusing a child in a Hollister apartment.

Calvin Shofner, 42, is facing charges of first degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Abuse or Neglect of a Child, and second degree Domestic Assault. Joy Jones, 43, is facing one count of first degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child Creating Substantial Risk.

Court documents say police were dispatched on Oct. 3, to College View apartments after a 911 caller reported hearing “someone being drug across the floor” and “hearing a little kid crying.” 

When an officer arrived at the location, they were let into the apartment by Jones. The officer reported Jones did not want to allow a minor victim to leave her side, instructing the child about what to do, hugging them, and rubbing their head until the officer had the child sit on a nearby couch. 

After the child was separated from Jones, they said their father, who they identified as Shofner, hit them multiple times. The child pointed out multiple red marks on their skin. The child then said their head was “hit on the” wall, and they were drug down a hallway by their hair.

While all of this was happening, the child said Jones watched and did not try to stop Shofner from the alleged actions.

Police noted discoloration on the nose of the victim, along with red marks on the child’s cheeks, nose, and neck.

Two other juveniles gave statements to police similar to the victim, and provided an audio recording of the incident. Officers stated in court documents both Shofner and Jones can both be heard on the recording yelling at the child. Officers said the recording has the victim talking to Jones telling her that Shofner slammed their head on the ground and Jones responding to the child with “I know, I’m sorry.”

They also said when police arrived, Jones instructed them to “take out the trash” so they were not in the apartment near the police officers.

An officer reported while being escorted to a patrol vehicle, Jones stopped in the stairwell, demanding the officer loosen their grip and explain why she was being arrested. After being informed she was being arrested for child abuse, Jones refused to descend the stairs, claiming she had done nothing wrong and wanting to talk to the victim. 

Jones refused to walk to the patrol vehicle, and pressure had to be applied by the officer to Jones’ right arm and shoulder to guide her to the vehicle. Documents said when they arrived at the vehicle, Jones refused to get in. 

Police said when Shofner was being transported to the Taney County Jail, he told officers “the little bastard deserved it, I hope he learned his lesson. If not, he will.”

Officers reported after speaking with family members, they uncovered an alleged pattern of abuse toward the victim, along with abuse of narcotics and alcohol. One family member mentioned Shofner had overdosed the previous week and was found by one of his children. 

The probable cause statement for Shofner said police feel he would be a danger to both himself and the victim, the public, and could be a flight risk because of the severity of the sentences which could be given upon conviction. They also stated Jones would likely be a danger to the victim, noting family members stated the abuse had previously happened and Jones did nothing to stop it.

Jones will have a special prosecutor for her case from Christian County. If convicted, she could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison. According to Casenet, she is represented by attorney Benjamin Campbell.

Shofner could face up to 24 years in prison if convicted on all charges. He has no attorney of record in Casenet. His next scheduled hearing is Oct. 14, before Judge Tiffany Yarnell.

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