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State Rep. Brian Seitz is looking to have Southwest Missouri’s voice in the state house echo louder in the next term.

Seitz quietly announced in a press release he will be seeking a position in the house leadership if he’s re-elected in November for another term in the state house. Seitz plans to run for the House Majority Whip, the number three position in the house leadership.

“Basically, what we have in Jefferson City is a leadership void,” Seitz told Branson Tri-Lakes News. “I would suggest the special interest groups, money, and lobbyist groups actually control Jefferson City. To me, this isn’t in the best interest of Missouri citizens. They need someone in leadership to be their voice and I feel I could be this leader.”

The announcement of his leadership intentions came at the bottom of a press release speaking about his efforts to stop Critical Race Theory from being used in Missouri schools. In the release, Seitz noted he pulled an amendment to prohibit teaching of racial or sexual stereotyping to help the overall bill make it through the Missouri Senate.

“The House would have easily passed the amendment, but eventually it would have died in the Senate,” Seitz said in the press statement. “The amendment was discussed at length on the House floor, then I pulled it at the request of leadership in order to make sure the bill we sent to the Senate could be heard and passed.

“Sometimes, to get a bill passed, procedural techniques are used to further other legislation in order to achieve a desired outcome. To use a football analogy, I was the ‘blocker’ for the running back, allowing him to get a touchdown and achieving victory for the entire team.”

Seitz said he would refile the amendment as a bill in the next term should CRT continue to appear in Missouri classrooms.

“Today, I represented the thousands of citizens and parents of Missouri who have shared their concerns about revisionist history and CRT being taught in our classrooms,” Seitz said. “No child should be taught he or she is inherently an ‘oppressor or oppressed’ based on their inherited characteristics, such as skin color. This IS racism, has no place in Missouri schools and must be stopped.”

Seitz said his stand on CRT is part of the reason he is running for house leadership, because he feels conservative values are not truly respected in the state capitol.

“Southwest Missouri values are not necessarily represented very well at the Capitol,” Seitz told Branson Tri-Lakes News. “We seem to be dominated by St. Louis, Kansas City, and even sometimes Springfield area representatives do not put a high value on what we know is right.”

Seitz said the Whip is a role which interacts with all members of the majority party in the House, and he feels his Southwest Missouri common sense could both be a bridge to bring party members together to move legislation, and help individual members see greater success.

“I would focus on getting priorities done quickly and successfully, but also for our individual Republican representatives to have success at home and in Jefferson City,” Seitz said. 

Seitz said in helping each individual member be more productive in their districts, it will help the overall Republican cause in the state.

“It’s just like on a sports team,” Seitz said. “If an individual is more successful in their individual position, it boosts the entire team.”

Seitz is running unopposed for the Republican nomination for the 156th district. Two Democratic Party candidates are competing in the primary to oppose him in November. 

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