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Ann Schilling

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following story contains material that may be disturbing for some readers. Reader discretion is advised.


A woman is in the Taney County jail accused of multiple crimes against two disabled individuals, including accusations she used the victim’s social security checks for drugs and used one of the individuals for prostitution.

Ann Schilling, 59, is facing 11 counts of Abuse or Neglect of the Elderly or Disabled in the Third Degree, two counts of Financial Exploitation of an Elderly or Disabled person, 3rd Degree Promoting Prostitution, and Trafficking for the Purposes of Sexual Exploitation according to Missouri Casenet.

According to court documents, Schilling was neglecting to care for a man with Type 3 Diabetes, also known as Alzheimer’s, and multiple other health conditions. The first alleged victim, L.S., was married to Schilling for about 10 years and lived with her for 15 years. Schilling is alleged to have taken the $1,500 a month Social Security payments of L.S. from 2014 through 2020, and used the money for drugs. Investigators reported on one occasion, payment was made on the 3rd of the month to a Wal-Mart prepaid card, and when L.S. was discharged from Mercy on the 6th or 7th, the balance on the card was $6.12.

L.S. told investigators that in 2018 when he was discharged from Mercy hospital because of blood clots in his legs, he was told to be on bed rest to resolve the clots. L.S. needed to have running water and electricity 24 hours a day to run an oxygen machine. During that time period, Schilling is accused of not paying the bill on multiple occasions, and the home would be without power for weeks or months. The victim would go multiple nights without oxygen waiting for oxygen bottles to be delivered to the home.

Records from Liberty Utilities obtained by the court show multiple disconnections and as of April 2021 an outstanding bill of $3,355.95.

In the year before L.S. moved from the home in 2020 and obtained a restraining order against Schilling, he was supposed to be on a high protein, low sugar diet, but Schilling allegedly fed him only pasta and beans. When L.S. asked for meat, he was told beans had protein, and his weight in a year fell from 165 pounds to 129 pounds. He stated he had not been outside the home for a year prior to being moved out.

L.S. told police, Schilling and her son Andy would not help him from the bed to the bathroom, so he would have to crawl along the wall and hang onto something to bathe himself. Many times he could not make it to the bathroom and would urinate in the hallway or his bed. L.S. said he went from six to nine months without being bathed.

Investigators said the roaches in the home were so thick you could not walk in the home without stepping on one. Witnesses said the home was filled with dog feces, and medical records from Mercy hospital obtained by the court show when L.S. was admitted to the hospital, there was feces on his feet. 

An EMT report showed when L.S. was found in the home in a comatose state, his blood sugar was too low to be measured and he was soaked in urine. Schilling reportedly said she was feeding him candy, and the report states there was so much trash in the way L.S. had to be carried outside to a gurney.

The second alleged victim, T.B., Schilling’s daughter, is described by the court as “cognitively challenged.” A witness told investigators T.B. has the mentality of a 12-year-old. Schilling is accused of spending T.B. ‘s $583 a month Social Security payment. Investigators say the money was used for drugs and not T.B.’s counseling and care. Schilling reportedly cashed the monthly checks at a local business.

Investigators say in court documents T.B. was living with Schilling and T.B.’s half brother in the same home where the first victim, L.S., was also living. Investigators say T.B. told them she was being prostituted for drugs. 

“It feels like they are trying to just get rid of me to have sex with other guys,” T.B. told investigators in the probable cause statement. “Like trade. Like be a hoe. It’s like I didn’t get no sleep at all last night. After yesterday I feel like someone is going to just come in my room, pull my pants down and just have sex with me.”

Victim one, L.S., told investigators up to 10 people come to the home a day and some “accompany T.B. into her room.” He said he believed they had sex.

A witness quoted in the documents says he saw T.B. walking on the street in February 2021 and picked her up. He said she smelled so bad the windows of the car had to stay down. T.B. is alleged to have told the witness her step-brother and his friend had been having sex with her.

Another witness is quoted as saying he overheard a conversation between Schilling and another man where it was very clear Schilling was pimping T.B. for drugs.

The probable cause statement has one witness claiming T.B.'s brother molested her daughter, and because of the molestation, she believes T.B. when the girl said her step-brother had been touching “her private areas under her clothes.”

Multiple witnesses reported hearing verbal abuse and seeing both Schilling and T.B.’s step-brother “high” on drugs.

If convicted on the 3rd Degree Elder Abuse counts, as misdemeanors, Schilling could receive a sentence of imprisonment in the county jail or other authorized penal institution for a term not to exceed one year; by a fine not to exceed two thousand dollars; or by both imprisonment and a fine.

If convicted on the two counts of Financial Exploitation of an Elderly or Disabled person, a class B felony, she could receive a sentence of imprisonment in the custody of the Missouri Department of Corrections for a term of years not less than five years and not to exceed 15 years. A conviction on the 3rd Degree Promoting Prostitution charge could bring a sentence of imprisonment in the custody of the Missouri Department of Corrections for a term of years not less than two years and not to exceed four years. A conviction on Trafficking for the Purposes of Sexual Exploitation could bring a sentence of imprisonment for a term of years not less than five years and not more than 20 years and a fine not to exceed $250,000.

Schilling is being represented by a public defender, and the prosecution is being headed by Assistant Taney County Prosecutor Kelli Greenwood. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 12, 2021, in front of Judge Renee Tiffany Yarnell.

As additional information on this case is released it will be made available at

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